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May 2022

Breathing New Life into Old Data

Jason Noble and Paul McColgan

Relative strength in oil prices, and sentiment that future supplies may be limited, have led some operating companies to explore in frontier areas that have proven, historically, to be highly productive. Some of these areas have seen little exploration activity for several decades for varied reasons, such as difficulty of…

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May 2022

Review of global warming, climate change, renewables, CCUS, geothermal and the geoscience involved (Part 2)

Brian Wm. Schulte

In this, the second part of a three-part article, we will discuss renewables (wind turbines and solar). We will look at price and Energy Returned on Investment (EROI) to compare sources of energy. We will also look at OPEC, at the lack of investment (which is causing the overall supply…

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April 2022

Overview of Carbon Management Canada’s pilot-scale CO2 injection site for developing and testing monitoring technologies for carbon capture and storage, and methane detection

M. Macquet, D. Lawton, K. Osadetz, G. Maidment, M. Bertram, K. Hall, B. Kolkman-Quinn, J. Monsegny Parra, F. Race, G. Savard, Y. Wang

Carbon capture and storage (CCS) in geological formations is becoming a key technology for the permanent reduction of CO2 emissions in the atmosphere. Pilot-scale projects with small volumes of injected CO2 are important, as they provide well controlled conditions that enable testing, validation, and quantification of these monitoring technologies.

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March 2022

The Variogram Basics: A visual introduction to one of the most useful geostatistical concepts

Evan Brown

The job of a petroleum geoscientist is rapidly transforming into a role that requires proficiency with statistical concepts and data management. The goal of this primer is to provide the reader, through words, basic examples and images, an understanding of some of the basic principles behind the semivariogram/variogram, a statistical…

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March 2022

Past, Present, and Future applications of Geophysics in Oil Sands – Part 2

Draga Talinga, David Gray, Hong Feng, Don C. Lawton, Brian Wm. Schulte

This is the second part of a two-part paper. This part of the paper explores some of the most recent advances in using seismic data for oil sands reservoirs. These are Time-lapse (4D) Inversion for SAGD; Predicting where Bitumen has been Liquified using PS-4D Seismic Data; 4D Time-Lapse Full Waveform…


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January 2022

An interview with Kurtis Wikel

Kurtis Wikel is part of a dynamic group of young geophysicists in Calgary. Kurt received the Nigel Anstey Award for Best Paper in the EAGE’s First Break journal in 2011, and received the Best Geophysical Oral Presentation at the CSEG Convention in 2012.

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December 2021

An interview with Simon O’Brien

Simon O’Brien is a well-known and rare geophysicist, who joined Shell Canada in 1997 and is still going strong as the Quest Subsurface Manager, managing a multi-disciplinary team that is responsible for monitoring activities at the stellar Quest CCS (Carbon Capture and Storage) Project.

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November 2021

An interview with Eric Rops

Eric shares his experience on transitioning a career from geophysics to data engineering.


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June 2021

Associate Editor’s Message

David Gray

A year ago, in early 2020, I found myself in a position where it made sense to retire. Covid-19 and record low oil prices meant that some of us had to leave. I decided that I’d rather see the young folks keep their jobs, so I left a very interesting…

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May 2021

Tracing the Industry

Kristy Manchul

Happy Spring 2021! To think that over a year ago, we were still at the start of the pandemic and people, organizations and society were struggling to find ways to make our new reality work. Flash forward 14 months, and what has changed?

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April 2021

Science Break: mRNA Vaccines and Molecular Testing

Oliver Kuhn1 and Elizabeth Atkinson2
1Quantec Geoscience Ltd.
2Geological Survey of Canada

This Science Break is a 2-for-1 article special! Our regular columnist Oliver Kuhn tackles the timely topic of mRNA Vaccines, and RECORDER Format Editor Elizabeth Atkinson steps out from behind the scenes with her section on Molecular Testing.