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Jan. 2018

Issue Focus: Emerging Technologies: Machine Learning


Highlights include articles discussing the issue focus topic of "Emerging Technologies: Machine Learning" and Reports to Members about the 2017 SEG International Exposition and 2017 JGF Kick-off.

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June 2017

Introduction to June Focus: Western Canadian Mineral Exploration Geophysics

Jean M. Legault and Oliver Kuhn

Western Canada is well known for its oil and gas sector, but the minerals sector is also an important part of the resource extraction economy. For CSEG readers not familiar with the minerals sector, a closer look will reveal many parallels with the oil and gas world: dramatic up and…

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June 2017

How Geoscientists are Making Potash Mines Safer

Craig Funk, Janelle Appleyard, Jennifer Braun, Jodi Derkach

Within the vicinity of Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, potash is conventionally mined by three operating companies at five different mines. Continuous boring machines (borers) cut the potash out of the seams at about one kilometer depth. The stratigraphy of the roof above the mined-out rooms (salt-beam) in the Saskatoon area mines consists of…

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June 2017

Geophysics on Fission Uranium’s Patterson Lake South Uranium Deposit

David Bingham

The Triple R deposit on Fission Uranium Corporation’s Patterson Lake South (PLS) property is located in Canada’s Athabasca Basin, home to the world’s richest uranium mines. The deposit is accessible by all-weather Highway 955 which continues north to the UEX-AREVA Shea Creek deposit and former AREVA Cluff Lake uranium mine.…

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June 2017

ORION 3D Deep Resistivity Imaging at the Phoenix Uranium Deposit

Roger Sharpe, Larry Petrie and Jimmy Stephen

An ORION 3D DC/IP survey was conducted over the Denison Mines Phoenix Uranium Deposit at the Wheeler River Project in Northern Saskatchewan. The survey results provided 3D models that successfully delineated the known deposit at a depth of 400 m and provided an enhanced understanding of the three-dimensional geometry of…

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June 2017

Case Study of Mineral Deposits in the Yukon Using High Resolution Resistivity Induced Polarization Techniques

Melvyn E. Best and Isaac Fage

During 2013 and early 2014 a test program was carried out to evaluate a multi-electrode, High Resolution Resistivity/ Induced Polarization (HRRIP) system over 9 mineral deposits within the non-glaciated region of the Yukon. The HRRIP system was chosen over conventional resistivity/IP systems used in the mining industry for the following…

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June 2017

Value of Integrated Geophysics (VIG) Short List Underway

The VIG Committee

The VIG Committee is in the process of putting together an online listing, which we’re calling the VIG Short List, aimed at helping CSEG members teach others about the value of integrating geophysics into their corporate business plans. By “others”, we’re referring to engineers, geologists, upper management, investors, and other…

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June 2017

Marcellus & Utica Shale PSDM Case Study – Improved Structural Imaging and Rock Properties

Morgan Brown, David Waibel, Scott Schapper and Joel Starr

In this abstract, we highlight the performance of PreStack Depth Migration (PSDM) on an ION GeoVentures multi-client survey from northwest Pennsylvania, the GroundhogSCAN 3D.


Recent Interviews

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April 2017

An interview with Jonathan Matthews

Jonathan Matthews is Director, Greenhouse Gases EPA at COSIA, and discusses improvements made in water use, tailings management, reclamation and GHG sequestration.

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March 2017

An interview with Eric von Lunen

Eric von Lunen is an experienced geophysicist who is known for his reservoir characterization expertise for conventional, as well as low porosity/perm unconventional plays.

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January 2017

An interview with Amy Fox

Amy Fox has been involved in geomechanical consulting in the oil and gas industry for more than 15 years. She has worked for GeoMechanics International (GMI) in California and Houston, and later when it became part of Baker Hughes in Houston and Calgary. Subsequently, she was the Geomechanics Director at Canadian Discovery Ltd., Calgary. Now she is President and co-founder of Enlighten Geoscience Ltd., Calgary.

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October 2016

An interview with Presidents of Professional Societies – Part 2

Part 2 of an interview with Presidents of five professional societies. The goal was to gauge their views on a range of topics, and gain an understanding about varying issues that our readership would be curious about.