Peter Tertzakian
June 2016

An interview with Peter Tertzakian

Energy economist, The Financial Post columnist and author of two best-selling books, A Thousand Barrels a Second and The End of Energy Obesity.

Matt Golombek
May 2016

An interview with Matt Golombek

Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) Project Scientist for the Mars Exploration Rover and working on the NASA’s InSight discovery program mission.

Dr. A. Easton Wren
April 2016

An interview with Dr. A. Easton Wren

Geoscientist, founder of Petrel Consultants, AAPG Distinguished Lecturer, and past producer and host of CFAC-TV Calgary’s Science Spectrum documentary series.

Arthur McDonald
March 2016

An interview with Arthur McDonald

Arthur McDonald is the co-winner (shared by Takaaki Kajita of Japan) of the 2015 Nobel Prize in Physics for his work on subatomic particles called neutrinos.

Dimitri Bevc
January 2016

An interview with Dimitri Bevc

A team leader in geophysics R & D at Chevron, Dimitri Bevc has a Ph.D. in geophysics from Stanford University and M.Sc. and B.A. degrees from the UC Berkeley.

Marie Hong
December 2015

An interview with Marie Hong

Senior Geophysicist with Pengrowth Energy, Marie Hong has more than 30 years of experience in the oil patch ranging from conventional oil and gas projects, to structural plays in the Beaufort and heavy oil projects in Saskatchewan.

Marilyn Mawdsley
November 2015

An interview with Marilyn Mawdsley

Principal Geophysicist at Mawdsley Exploration Inc., Marilyn Mawdsley shares her perspectives on the technical, business and the human side of the oil & gas industry.

David Dolberg
October 2015

An interview with David Dolberg

David Dolberg is an experienced geophysicist with extensive experience in e&p domains around the world including Colombia, Peru, Norway, Alaska, Nova Scotia, Gulf of Mexico and the Montana overthrust Belt.

Derik Kleibacker
September 2015

An interview with Derik Kleibacker

Chief Geologist for ConocoPhillips Indonesia, Derik Kleibacker holds an MSc degree in geology from Oregon State. He hates to admit it, but he loves geophysical interpretation as much as geological field mapping.

Alex Cullum & Linn Margareth Johansen
September 2015

An interview with Alex Cullum & Linn Margareth Johansen

Alex Cullum has a BSc in geology, a PhD in paleontology and currently works with the Statoil Biostratigraphy team.
Linn Margareth Johansen holds an MSc in marine geology and micropaleontology and is currently a team leader in biostratigraphy in Stavanger, Norway.

Marian Hanna
September 2015

An interview with Marian Hanna

Marian C. Hanna has over 27 years of diverse experience in the oil & gas industry. Her experience includes many successful, collaborative technical and business contributions concluding in over 1 billion barrels of oil equivalent producible reserves worldwide.

Mirko Van Der Baan
June 2015

An interview with Mirko Van Der Baan

Professor of Exploration Seismology at the Department of Physics, U of A, and published author, Mirko van der Baan’s research interests involve signal processing, microseismicity and seismic wave propagation in anisotropic media.

Andreas Cordsen
June 2015

An interview with Andreas Cordsen

Andreas Cordsen is a well-respected geophysicist who has advanced the science of designing 3D seismic surveys from the early land surveys of the late eighties to the big, complex land and marine surveys of today.

Brian Romans
April 2015

An interview with Brian Romans

A sedimentary geologist and assistant professor in the Department of Geosciences at Virginia Tech, Brian Romans' research on the patterns and controls of clastic sedimentation has resulted in numerous authored papers.

Victoria French
April 2015

An interview with Victoria French

Victoria French is interested in all aspects of geosciences, including engineering. Her favorite projects integrate incorporate geological, geophysical, and engineering inputs into models for reservoir characterization.

Bert Bril
March 2015

An interview with Bert Bril

As a geophysicist who became a builder of geoscientific software, Bert Bril is one of the original creators of OpendTect, the Open Source seismic interpretation system (

Maitri Erwin
March 2015

An interview with Maitri Erwin

Maitri Erwin is a geophysicist at Nexen Petroleum USA working on deepwater Gulf of Mexico assets. She is also advisor to Project Gutenberg, the oldest publisher of free electronic books.

Chris Jackson
March 2015

An interview with Chris Jackson

Chris Jackson completed his BSc (1998) and PhD (2002) at the University of Manchester. He is now a Reader in Basin Analysis with Imperial College, London.

Kris Innanen
February 2015

An interview with Kris Innanen

Kris Innanen is an Associate Professor at the Department of Geoscience, University of Calgary. Strong in theoretical geophysics, he works to advance the concept, and algorithmic solutions for problems such as elimination of multiples from seismic data, and to locate and determine subsurface structure in the absence of a velocity model.

Doris Ross
January 2015

An interview with Doris Ross

Doris Ross has been engaged in the oil & gas industry for over 20 years, bringing together extensive knowledge and experience in geosciences, technology, business and consulting management to solve complex technical and energy industry problems.