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May 2021

Integrating Pore Pressure and Lithology Prediction from Well and Seismic Data to Characterize Abnorm

Draga Talinga and Carl Reine

June 2017

Case Study of Mineral Deposits in the Yukon Using High Resolution Resistivity Induced Polarization

Melvyn E. Best and Isaac Fage

April 2013

Predicting hydrocarbon production capacity in an unconventional reservoir from seismic derived elast

Gorka Garcia Leiceaga, Mark Norton, Joël Le Calvez and Freia Henery

February 2013

Characterization of a heavy oil reservoir combining multiattribute analysis and spectral…

Fabiola Ruiz and Milagrosa Aldana

February 2013

Seismic Lithology Prediction: A Montney Shale Gas Case Study

John Nieto, Bogdan Batlai, and Franck Delbecq

January 2013

A Math-free Look at Azimuthal Surface Seismic Techniques

Franck Delbecq, Jon Downton and Mark Letizia

January 2013

Microseismic, 3D and 4D Applications and its Relation to Geomechanics and Completion Performance

Andrew Iverson, Bill Goodway, Marco Perez and Greg Purdue

September 2012

BroadSeis: Enhancing interpretation and inversion with broadband marine seismic

R. Soubaras, R. Dowle, and R. Sablon

May 2012

Integrated Time-lapse Monitoring of a Morrow Reservoir using Multicomponent Seismic and Flow…

Nataly A. Zerpa and Thomas L. Davis

April 2012

Geostatistical inversion of reflection data from thin bed coals

Jason M. McCrank, Don C. Lawton, and Cheran Mangat

March 2012

McKay Oil Sands 2D Seismic Inversion Case Study

Laurie M. Weston Bellman, Amanda Knowles, and Rozalia Pak

February 2012

Geophysical Constraints in Geostatistical Modelling

David I. Close

October 2011

Fault-Plane Solutions from Moment Tensor Inversion for Microseismic Events using Single-Well and Mul

Jing Du, Ulrich Zimmer, and Norm Warpinski

September 2011

Improvements in microseismic data processing using sparsity and non-linear inversion constraints

Ismael Vera Rodriguez, Dave Bonar and Mauricio Sacchi

April 2011

Neural network analysis and impedance inversion – Case study

Somanath Misra and Satinder Chopra

January 2011

Integration of Surface Seismic and Microseismic for the Characterization of a Shale Gas Reservoir

Mark Norton, Wayne Hovdebo, David Cho, Shawn Maxwell, Mike Jones

May 2010

Tight Gas Geophysics: AVO Inversion for Reservoir Characterization

David Close, Simon Stirling, David Cho, and Frederik Horn

April 2010

Model-based Seismic Inversion: Comparing deterministic and probabilistic approaches

Dennis Cooke and John Cant

November 2009

Inversion Driven Processing

Greg Cameron, Josef Heim and David Cho