Jon Downton (Acclaimed)
Vice President

I was born and raised in Calgary. Growing up in Calgary exposed me to the oil and gas industry and some of the careers associated with it. As a kid I enjoyed rock collecting, and as I enjoyed math and physics in high school I decided to take geophysics in University. I graduated with a B.Sc. in geophysics from the University of Alberta in 1985 and in 2005 completed my Ph.D. from the University of Calgary.

In the intervening and subsequent years I have worked for a variety of companies including Suncor, ITA, Landmark, Integra Geoservices, Scott Pickford/Core Lab, Paradigm and now CGGVeritas. At each of these companies I have experienced different aspects of the geophysical industry. Suncor exposed me to interpretation and the importance of incorporating the geology into geophysics. At Inverse Theory and Applications (I.T.A.) and Landmark I was exposed to both the processing and software sides of the business. At Integra I had the chance to help run and be a part owner of a medium sized seismic processing company where I was the Vice President of Geoservices. In 1997 we sold the company to Scott Pickford /Core Lab. Merging with a much larger company gave me the opportunity to focus more on the technology. I was given the opportunity to direct the research effort in Calgary. It was at this point in time I decided to go back and do my Ph.D. under Larry Lines at the University of Calgary. When I completed my Ph.D. I joined Veritas DGC, now CGGVeritas, where I am the Manager of Research in Calgary. My main interest involves estimating rock and fluid properties from seismic data including AVO, inversion and rock physics. I have presented numerous papers at SEG, EAEG and CSEG conferences, for which, along with my co-authors, we have received Best Paper, Best Student Paper, and Honorable Mention Awards. I am a member of the CSEG, SEG, EAEG, and APPEGA. Currently, I am one of the two Canadian representatives for the SEG.

In looking back the CSEG afforded me many opportunities to develop both professionally and personally. Participating in CSEG conventions fostered my love for the science of geophysics. I have made many good friends through CSEG sponsored social activities such as the Doodlespiel and working jointly on papers for an upcoming CSEG convention. I have tried to reciprocate by working on convention technical committees, chairing sessions and serving as the director of finance on the convention steering team. Recognizing how education has played an important part in my life I served as the director of Education for the CSEG in 2006. In my time on the executive I was the liaison for the executive for the Education, Doodletrain, Outreach and YJF committees. It is humbling and rewarding to be part of, and to facilitate a group of self-motivated individuals, such as the Outreach committee and see what can be achieved. I look back with pride that we initiated a number of new programs such as the CSEG Distinguished Lecturer program and re-introduced geophysics courses at the convention during my tenure. It is an honor to be nominated as Vice President and I hope to have the privilege to serve the society once again.

Carol Laws
for Assistant Director of Communications

A graduate of Queen's University, Carol has over 29 years of experience in the oil and gas industry. Her career has spanned a range of companies, starting with Imperial Oil, then Husky – drilling wells in the Scotian Shelf, Beaufort Sea and NEBC Foothills, to Elk Point Resources and being involved with plays in Montana, California, and the WCSB. Her role for the last 3 years has been as a geophysical consultant to several small companies ranging from deep gas to heavy oil players.

Carol has been involved with the CSEG Ski Spree for 7 years, 5 on the committee as Race Coordinator, and the last two years as treasurer. Carol is honoured to have been nominated to the role of Director of Communications, and looks forward to contributing enthusiasm and energy to the CSEG Committee.

Cindy Lang
for Assistant Director of Communications

I was born almost 40 years ago in small BC Lake Town called Kelowna. How in the world, some of you may be asking, did you manage to get here in the Rockies?? Back in 1985 Calgary, Edmonton or Vancouver were the “Cities of Opportunity”.

I first started in the Oil and Gas Industry in 1990 with Pulse as a receptionist. I left Pulse to earn a Diploma in Social Work at Mount Royal College but was enticed back after my graduation becoming part of the marketing team selling and shooting seismic data.

After my son Thomas was born in 2003 I spent the next 2 years marketing seismic processing with Statcom and foothills seismic data with IEXCO. During the summer of 2005 my husband Mike passed away from injuries he sustained in a bicycle accident on our local bike path along the Bow River. It was with a heavy heart and profound sadness that I entered another chapter in my life.

In addition to being back with Pulse Data to provide exceptional costumer service to our clients I have spent much of the past few years writing and facilitating enrichment workshops for women in the workplace and most importantly raising my son.

As part of the acquisition and marketing team at Pulse Data, I am enjoying a thriving career utilizing my long standing relationships with industry colleagues, many whom I now consider life long friends.

I am honoured to have been nominated for the position of Assistance Director of Communications for the CSEG committee. My past experience with the CSEG between the years of 2001-2003 was on the Convention Committee. I feel this is a perfect time to get reacquainted with such a tremendous team of people and exceptional resources for our industry at large.

Nanna Eliuk
for Assistant Director of Finance

I was born in Denmark and graduated from University of Aarhus with a M.Sc. in 1997 and came to Calgary shortly after to pursue a Ph.D. at U of Calgary. As many before me I was wooed into the industry and have enjoyed working as a geophysicist for the past 10 years; the last 3 ? with Compton Petroleum.

I am excited to have been nominated for the position of Assistant Director of Finance. I have previously volunteered as treasurer for a children’s Danish language school and treasurer for the Buffalo Lake Meadows owners association. This will be a great challenge and I look forward to it. I enjoy skiing in the winter and camping in the summer with my husband Jeff and our 3 children.

I have previously volunteered for the CSEG on the Convention Technical Committee and as session chair for case studies. I am a member of the CSEG, SEG, CSPG and APEGGA and I look forward to serving on the CSEG Executive Committee.

Brock Hassell
for Assistant Director of Finance

I am honored to have been asked to let my name stand in the upcoming CSEG election for the position of Assistant Director of Finance. If elected, I pledge to give this privilege the full attention it deserves and back my efforts with the same enthusiasm and integrity on which I have modeled my personal and professional career.

2008 marks the 30th year that I have worked in Calgary’s geophysical industry and 22 years that I have co-owned and managed Complete Land Services Ltd. We employ about 20 full time people and numerous service companies to manage all phases of geophysical operations. We have a PhD geophysicist that does design and model, a GIS mapping and approvals department, personnel for scouting and permitting, project managers for AFE preparation, bidding, supervision and cost control. I am proud to say that half of our people have been with us more than a decade.

Throughout my career I have been involved in a multitude of committees and memberships. Some of the most notable and rewarding include five years on the CSEG Doodlebug Committee (chairman for the Millennium Doodlebug in 2000) along with17 years of attendance and sponsorship, 15 years of attendance and sponsorship of the CSEG Doodlespiel, 14 years of attendance and sponsorship of the CSEG Ski Spree, Board of Directors of the CAGC (1997-1999), as well as serving on the CAPP Geophysical Committee and presenting at several CSEG/CAGC forums and training sessions. This past year I also worked on the CAGC 30th Anniversary committee.

My personal life has also been very fulfilling. I was born and raised in the sunny Okanagan city of Vernon and moved to Calgary at the age of 20. From there I completed my post-secondary education in Engineering Graphics (SAIT), which led me to mapping seismic programs, doing exploration approvals and overseeing permitting. Over the next three decades I worked into managing all aspects of geophysical front-end services.

I have developed a great sense of respect for the time, effort and expertise that combine to make a successful volunteer-run organization. Finance is a critical discipline that requires attention to detail as well as a practical balance of needs and wants that work within realistic budgets. This is my forte.

Should the CSEG membership elect me as Assistant Director of Finance, I would be most grateful for the opportunity to further serve the society in such a meaningful role. I look forward to the prospect of this opportunity and think I can contribute fresh ideas and enthusiasm to the board.

David Emery
for Assistant Director of Member Services

I was fortunate to be hired by Husky Oil in 1985 as a technologist in their Frontier Exploration Department. Late in the 80’s I switched to the geophysical service group to manage Husky geophysical computer applications and presently employed as a geophysical interpreter in the BC foothills. During the 90’s I started upgrading of my undergraduate degree in physical geography and receiving a M.Sc. in Geophysics from the University of Calgary in 2005.

I was born in Vancouver, raised in the country south of Ottawa and along with my spouse have had the pleasure of raising our four daughters here in Alberta. I believe strongly in using my time to give back to our Calgary community and presently I am coaching soccer as well as being an active member in several community groups. In the past I have run for alderman, been a community President, sat on several city community boards and helped establish Calgary’s third largest kids soccer program.

After receiving benefits for geophysics the last 22 years, I would now like to give back to the greater geophysical society and particularly to the CSEG. If I am fortunate enough to get your support as the Assistant Director of Membership Services, I will apply all of my energy to our societies and to you our membership.

Torr Haglund
for Assistant Director of Member Services

I’ve been Vice-President at Statcom Ltd., Seismic Data Processing for the last year and a half. My many responsibilities include sharpening pencils, making coffee and QC’ing the odd seismic line.

Like most Calgarians my first memories begin somewhere else; St Michaels School / Convent in Flint, Michigan to be exact. Soon afterwards, much to my delight and the good sisters’, the family was whisked away to the booming city of Calgary. Ostensibly, it was to be closer to both my parents’ families in Oregon. Calgary quickly grew on the family and, being a safe distance from the in-laws, we took up permanent residence.

After graduating from St. Francis High School, I spent the next several years figuring out what I didn’t want to do. It was during this period that I began the path of a lifelong volunteer, by literally donating blood, the first on many gallons. In 1983 I enrolled in the Physics program at the University of Calgary. It was here that I first heard of Geophysics as a career from the geophysics students in some common physics classes. I can still remember thinking “how are these guys ever going to get a job?” I graduated in 1987 with a BSc. in Physics. Continuing along my path as a volunteer, I spent my last year at the U of C as head of the Physics Student Society and as the student representative on the Canadian Association of Physicists council.

After graduation I split my time between Penticton, B.C. working at a radio observatory and Calgary, writing software for an Astronomical Satellite. Finding the time away not conducive to married life, I began looking for employment at home in Calgary. A chance encounter with Don Chamberlain from Geo-X in the fall of 1987 was the answer. Being able to answer Don’s question about deconvolution and having low salary expectations I quickly found myself gainfully employed. I spent the next 18 years blissfully toiling away, switching jobs within Geo-X every few years as the demands of my growing family changed. These positions included workstation software development, junior processor, R&D programming, processing group leader, processing supervisor and, in the end, something to do with marketing.

As the father of four daughters, possessing an inability to say no, and being passionate about kids and sports, I found myself to be the lone candidate for the positions of Hamptons Soccer Coordinator and the Hamptons/Edgemont Girls Soccer coordinator. This was 1999 and I’m still looking for my replacement. Not believing in half measures I found time to play soccer, referee soccer and coach primarily soccer, but also basketball and hockey. 2007 was a good year, helping coach a Bantam Girls hockey team that reached Provincials and coaching a U14 Girls outdoor soccer team to a Silver medal finish at Provincials. My current crop of indoor soccer recruits, the 24th team I’ve coached, looks equally promising. The odd evening that I do have free I help out with the “Inn from the Cold” program, which provides shelter to Calgary’s homeless families at various churches throughout Calgary.

Over the last 20 years I’ve sat on a quite a few CSEG convention committees and attended a number of CSEG sponsored events. The family has enjoyed the Ski Spree for the past 8 years. My wife Mary Anne and I have thoroughly enjoyed many Doodlebugs, even though the golf game has taken a backseat to other activities. The best part has always been getting to know so many wonderful people. I am honoured to be considered to serve the CSEG community

Jennifer Leslie-Panek
for Assistant Director of Educational Services

Originally from Toronto, Jennifer completed her B.Sc. in Applied Physics at the University of Waterloo. After a brief stint in the brewing industry, she threw caution to the wind and, in 1995, moved to Calgary to learn more about a new subject called ‘geophysics’. She fell in love with both the city and her thesis topic and her Master’s degree became a Ph.D. She graduated from the University of Calgary in 2000.

Jennifer began her career working as a seismic depth imager for Kelman Technologies and then GX Technology Canada. In 2006, she made the switch to Nexen Inc. to lend her skills to the exploration and production side of the petroleum industry. She is currently working as geophysical interpreter in the New Growth business unit.

Jennifer has volunteered for the CSEG since 2001, including 3 years on the Scholarship Committee (2003-2006) and 2 years with the Convention Technical Committee (2002 and 2007). She looks forward to new and exciting challenges as Assistant Director of Educational Services.

John Logel
for Assistant Director of Educational Services

John Logel works for Talisman Energy where he is the Senior Advisor for North American Operations working on geophysical problems throughout Canada and the new ventures organization, His primary responsibility is the technical development, mentoring and advancement of technology application for the exploration staff in western Canada. Prior to Talisman, John held several technical management and advising positions with Anadarko Canada, and Petro-Canada in Calgary and before that worked 19 years for Mobil in numerous assignments in Europe and North America. John has over 26 Years of experience in the industry, and has work on several giant, world class oil and gas fields throughout the world.

His interests are in reservoir prediction and characterization from seismic data, and understanding and quantifying risk. He enthusiastically teaches and loves to develop technology and encourage professional growth. John is a professional Geophysicist and holds a BS and MS from the University of Iowa. He is a member of SEG, CSEG, APEGGA, and AAPG. John has held several positions with the CSEG and the SEG, on technical committees, curriculum committee for the doodletrain, several session chair positions at the conventions and positions on the International showcase.

On a personal side, John serves on several community and local sport Boards, sitting on his local community association and planning commission. He is active in his children’s school, soccer and baseball clubs.


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