Doug Bogstie

Over the past year I have sincerely enjoyed being the Vice President of our Society. It has been an interesting year dealing with a variety of issues that affect the CSEG. The collaboration with the CSPG has been a very positive and along with the commitment of future joint conventions allows us the financial confidence to move forward on many fronts, especially our Foundation.

In looking ahead to a year as President I am comforted to know that there will be a very capable team with me on the Executive. Having served in numerous capacities from RECORDER Editor, Finance Director, Convention committees, to the Doodlespiel, Doodlebug and Ski Spree I feel I have a reasonable understanding of how active our Society is. I might add that after composing a course for the Doodle Train I also have a much greater respect for those who contribute on the Continuing Education side.

On the professional side I have been with WesternGeco for the last 15 years. During that time I feel very privileged to have met a great deal of knowledgeable and interesting people. In many instances this was accompanied with travel to witness first hand the many regions our industry is active.

On the personal side along with my wife Susan we still live in the country southwest of Calgary. She still has far too many animals and along with my son Conor, we mend fences her animals break, 12 months of the year.

François Aubin
for Vice President

François was born and raised in a small village in northwestern Québec. He obtained a B.Sc. in Meteorology from McGill University then completed a M.Sc. in Physical Oceanography at the Université du Québec in Rimouski. After consulting for Petro-Canada in Victoria, he moved East to Calgary to work for an environmental consulting firm. In 1981, François joined CGG as a programmer. Over the course of 12 years at CGG, he learned much about geophysics and many aspects of the seismic service industry. Responsibilities included training, workstation operation and processing. He later specialized in structural processing at Veritas. The calling for sales and marketing brought François to Exssel, and then to Kelman Technologies Inc. François has recently returned to CGG as Manager, Business Development.

François’ history of involvement with the CSEG as a volunteer includes: responsibility for the Arrangements Committee for the CSEG convention, Chairman of the Ski Spree, volunteer for the Technical Luncheon committee and the LunchBox Geophysics talks, and recently two years on the Executive Committee, under Member Services.

François would love to be given the opportunity to further serve the society and the membership as Vice President.

Petra Buziak
for Assistant Director of Educational Services

Petra received her B.Sc. in Engineering Geophysics from the University of Saskatchewan. Previous to that she earned a Diploma from N.A.I.T. in Petroleum Resources Technology. As well she has obtained a Certificate in Adult Learning from the University of Calgary. After graduating from University she worked for 16 years as an Exploration Geophysicist at EnCana (previously PanCanadian) in many areas, including deep basin carbonates, clastic WCSB plays, and deep water Gulf of Mexico. Due to a permanent eye injury Petra has been on leave from EnCana for the last couple of years, but will be returning to work part time in December.

Petra is a member of the SEG, APEGGA and CSEG. She was technical chair of a “Taking Exploration to the Edge” Special Session during the 2002 CSEG Convention, and won Best Paper in the Risk/Reward category that year. Petra has always been keen on continuous education for herself and for others. She looks forward to bringing her enthusiasm for Geophysical learning to the role of Assistant Director of Education for the CSEG members.

Marzena Feuchtwanger
for Assistant Director of Member Services

I graduated with a B.Sc. in Geophysics from the University of Calgary in April of 2003. After I was set free from the confines of campus I took a sanity-break and backpacked Europe for four months. Since then, I have been putting my knowledge and skills to the test at Geo-X, (a Division of Divestco) where I spend my days in processing.

I have been bitten hard by the travel bug and so outside of my professional life, my husband and I like to spend time traveling the world and engage in travel photography, scuba diving and skiing (I’m finally a master of Green Runs!!!)

Outside of industry I spent two years volunteering with the Animal Rescue Foundation and every year I volunteer as a judge for the Calgary Youth Science Fair. I got my volunteering toes wet within industry by helping out with the Silent Auction for the CSEG Convention in 2004. The following year I tip-toed over to be co-chair of Registrations for the Convention in 2005 and I also assisted with events at the Ski Spree that same year. This past year I have been involved with the Junior Geophysicists Forum Committee and the Doodletrain 2006 Committee. I’ve still got some steam left in me to volunteer some more and hence I agreed to run for this position. I am keen to assist and work for the members of our society with strong enthusiasm and hard work.

I am excited to have been asked to run for the position of Assistant Director of Member Services. Having been in the industry for just over three years, through my volunteering and work I have met heaps of people and I look forward to meeting many more.

Larry Herd
for Assistant Director of Finance

I was born an Edmontonian and ended up at the University of Manitoba with a Bachelor of Science Honors Geophysics degree in 1978. Out of the gate, I couldn’t decide whether or not to pursue hard rock geophysics. Once I spent a summer with Union Oil, however, I was hooked on soft rock seismic and have spent the rest of my career in various technical and business roles ever since.

In 1982, John Boyd took a chance by taking me under his wing, green-and-full-of-enthusiasm. Under John’s mentorship, we maneuvered Boyd Exploration Consultants through both fat and lean times (more than once) to where it is today. In the process and with help from many other people, several offshoot companies were developed and divested, including Discovery Exploration Surveys, Gemini Exploration Technology (now Divestco), Northern EnviroSearch, and Boyd Geomatics / Pixxures Canada (now Valtus).

I believe my strong background in business management, along with my MBA from U of C in 1986, provides a solid foundation for the two-year volunteer position of Finance on the executive of the CSEG.

Volunteering has always been an important part of my professional life. In the past, I have served on the technical teams for CSEG conventions, the Doodlebug and Doodlespiel committees, Joint Industry / Government Geophysical Committees and subcommittees, Small Explorers and Producers of Canada (SEPAC), the Chief Geophysicists Forum and most recently the Line Widths Steering committee. I support the CSEG, CSPG, CIM and APEGGA. After taking a five-year hiatus from volunteering positions while I attended to the “art” of developing our aerial photography web delivery business, I am back and eager to serve on the CSEG Executive.

I am an active outdoorsman and enjoy flying (my new hobby), curling (28 years in the Doodlespiel), whitewater canoeing and anything else that takes us out of the city on the week-ends.

If I am fortunate enough to be elected by the membership, I will apply all of my enthusiasm, experience and knowledge to the Finance position.

Peter McCann
for Assistant Director of Finance

Peter McCann hails from Glasgow, Scotland, where he obtained a B.Sc. in Mechanical Engineering at the University of Glasgow in 1975. He is a member of CSEG, CSPG and ARMA.

Upon graduation, Peter joined Dowell Schlumberger, with whom he remained employed for over fourteen years. In this time, Peter worked in a variety of locations – U.K (Great Yarmouth), Libya (Tripoli and Benghazi), Qatar (Doha), Greece (Kavala), France (Paris), The Emirates (Abu Dhabi), Indonesia (Djakarta), The Emirates (Sharjah), U.K. (Nottingham), Syria (Damascus) and Canada (Grand Prairie and Whitecourt). He held various positions in this time – Field Engineer, Operations Supervisor, District Sales Engineer, Training Centre Manager and District Manager.

In 1990, Peter joined Kestrel Data Limited as President and General Manager. Kestrel Data Limited offered data management services (principally to the geophysical community) concentrating on physical storage and the various transcription services related to handling of the associated media. In addition, Kestrel offered conventional records storage and disaster recovery media management. Peter has continued to survive and flourish as Kestrel has gone through various ownership changes, with the most recent in December of 2005, changing the name of the company to Recall Corporation.

Peter has a long history of volunteering with the CSEG. He has served in various positions on the Convention Committee – Sponsorship (participant and later chair), Exhibits (participant and later chair) and Arrangements (participant and later chair, for multiple years). He has worked for a number of years on the Doodlebug as Secretary and most recently as Finance Chairman. Peter is also very supportive of the various CSEG initiatives and routinely approves corporate sponsorship for the various social events as well as the educational initiatives organized by the CSEG such as the convention and the Doodletrain.

Peter is honoured to have been considered and nominated for the position of Assistant Director of Finance and will bring energy, enthusiasm and commitment to the position as well as the reputation that Scot’s have for canniness with respect to finances.

Michael Enachescu
for Assistant Director of Communication

Dr. Michael Enachescu is a graduate of the University of Bucharest, Romania who has worked and lived in Canada for more than 25 years. He is now Husky Energy Senior Fellow in Exploration Geophysics at Memorial University of Newfoundland, an Associate Professor of the Department of Earth Sciences, Pan-Atlantic Petroleum Systems Consortium (PPSC) and Oil and Gas Development Partnership (OGDP) and an advisor to several oil companies, investment firms and scientific panels. He worked in resource exploration and geophysical research in Europe and after 1981 as a petroleum geophysicist in Calgary, Dallas and St John’s. He was involved with major exploration drilling programs in the Grand Banks, Scotian Shelf and Slope, Labrador Sea, Arctic, Beaufort Sea first with Suncor Resources, Trillium/Mosbacher and from 1984 to 2003 with Husky Energy. He was a member of the regional mapping, discovery and delineation teams and a contributor to the Development Plan Application for Terra Nova and White Rose fields. He did regional and project geophysical studies in major word petroleum basins and in more than 30 countries while working at Husky or as independent consultant.

Presently he teaches Seismic Interpretation, Marine Geophysics, Atlantic Geology, Extensional Tectonics and Workstation Interpretation to undergrad and graduate students, supervises and co-supervises 16 graduate students and carries on research on Atlantic offshore basins and petroleum systems (more recently Orphan, Laurentian and Labrador basins). In the past he was an Instructor of Petroleum Exploration at SAIT (1995-2003), Instructor of Seismic Exploration for CSPG/SIFT program (1994-2002) and he has lectured at universities in Europe, Asia and North America and has published in geophysical and geological leading journals and magazines. Michael has done volunteer work for CSEG, SEG, CSPG, AAPG, CGU, LITHOPROBE, NSERC, NSF, ODP and IODP and is a registered Professional Geophysicist with APEGGA and Petroleum Geoscientist with PEGNL.

Michael has served as 2nd VP of CSEG in 1994, has served as chair to numerous sessions at various CSEG conventions, acted as CSEG Technical Chair at GeoCanada 2000 and presented papers at almost all CSEG conventions held during 1986-2006. He also has been the Canadian Representative in the SEG Global Affairs Council (2000-2005) and is presently member of SEG Selection Committee and an Ambassador of CSEG for the Canadian Coast region. Michael published papers in the CSEG Journal, authored and co-authored papers and short articles for The RECORDER, is a recipient of several best presentation citations, received the 1999 CSEG Meritorious Award and was selected as the first ever CSEG Distinguished Lecturer (2005-2006).

During his many trips across Canada, Michael has stressed the importance of the CSEG and communicated society’s message of professionalism and enrichment to many geoscience communities and earth science departments.

Bryce Davis
for Assistant Director of Communication

I am honored to have been nominated for the position of Assistant Director of Communications for the CSEG committee. The Mandate of the Canadian Society of Exploration Geophysicists is to promote the science of geophysics, especially as it applies to exploration, and to promote fellowship and co-operation among those persons interested in geophysical prospecting. I look forward to continuing the mandate of the CSEG with growth and success in mind.

I have brought over 15 years of sales and marketing experience to Aguila where I am responsible for Business Development of Project Management and Data Acquisition Services. Since joining Aguila I have had the opportunity to take part in several of our industry events, such as Doodlebug, Ski Spree, CSEG convention and the SEG in New Orleans. I’m currently a member of the CSEG, SEG and I’m on the Doodlebug committee. I am an active participant in CAGC functions through Aguila’s corporate membership.

This year I was responsible for organizing Aguila’s golf tournament in support of the CICF (Canadian Intensive Care Foundation) and having done so I truly understand the time, effort and commitment it takes to make these events fun and memorable for everyone, as well as a valuable networking opportunity. I am very excited about the prospect of being part of the CSEG Executive Committee!


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