I hope everyone had a great summer. This month I am pleased to share Dave Nordin’s story of his walk from Calgary to Saskatoon. Truly remarkable! Well done Dave.

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Walking Back to Saskatoon – Dave Nordin

The adventure is over! Lots of preparation and 4 weeks on the road and “Walking Back to Saskatoon” is in the books. What started as a crazy idea in the fall of 2015 evolved into a fascinating and satisfying month in the spring of 2016. A fundraising walk of 600+ kms started on May 20th from Calgary and ended June 17th in Saskatoon. An average of 25 kms per walking day, with 4 rest days for golf and physical maintenance.

We had a kickoff event opposite city hall on a cool rainy Friday morning. Elisa Renick and Betty Jensen spoke on behalf of the Heart and Stroke Foundation and Gord Beach for the Ore Gangue Alumni Bursary Fund. I gave a few thank yous to those who were instrumental in making the whole project come together, including my wife, Tina. She really took the project on and did so much to prepare and make it successful; I really cannot say enough. To start the walk, my parting words were paraphrasing Neil Armstrong “One step for a small man, one giant leap into a long grind.”

Friday was cool, Saturday was wet, Sunday was the big snowstorm on the 22nd. I am grateful to Gord Beach who came out to walk with me that day – a day that could have been one of the worst days, was one of the best. Gord had the idea to keep track of the “Craziest thing you find in the ditch”, which turned out to be a lot of fun. We started collecting usable bungee cords and useful, if strange paraphernalia, from the side of the road. I wasn’t walking off into the ditch, just picking up things either on the shoulder, or close to it.

We had a lot of fun using Facebook to update and post videos, pictures, etc. I had built a website and blogged early but found Facebook was far more useful. Immediate feedback and comments helped me feel that people were engaged in what I was doing. Unfortunately, not everyone is on Facebook so they didn’t get to experience the cinematic brilliance of the “Middle of Nowhere”, “UBER Bungees” or “Bungee Jumping in Rosetown” videos, the poetic masterpiece “Ode to Second Skin” or the disgusting sight of my blister ridden feet. They’re still out there if you’re interested!

When we reached Saskatoon, the U of S had organized a wind up BBQ on campus. A couple of old schoolmates, Gary Linassi and Dave Billard, walked the last couple of kilometers, along with a healthy contingent from the Heart and Stroke office in Saskatoon. We sold bundles of bungees and auctioned off the treasures found in the ditch –a jacket, kid’s interactive toy, etc. and put the money toward the bursary. The big seller and winner of the “Craziest thing you find in the ditch”, was a 44DDD bra which the Ore Gangue bought for $50. Hopefully it will find a place of honour in the student lounge.

Throughout the trip, I was amazed at the generosity of those we met. We wore our WBTS pinnies everywhere we went and many meals were bought for us. Free massages, chiropractic treatments, even prescriptions were given to me, just because I was raising money for a cause so many could relate to. One of the highlights was my great-niece, Kaitlyn, who raised $90.10 selling cookies and iced tea, then came to walk with me and presented me with her envelope and contribution!

As of July 5, the fundraising has resulted in > $33K, with more than $14K slated for the Ore Gangue Alumni Bursary Fund. Thanks very much to those of you who have contributed to either charity. It was a blast!!




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