We dropped in at the rink during Doodlespiel and were fortunate enough to meet a great team from U of A. They were gracious enough to send me a picture and share some information on themselves. Thanks!

If you would like to put in an announcement about a new job, promotion, retirement or a birth announcement please feel free to send it to us. Individuals write their own announcements, so they are welcome to put in as much or as little detail as they wish. This way the RECORDER committee is sure we are only printing exactly what you want!

Fig. 01

For Bradley Colborne, Travis Divorski, Calvin Sinclair and Karl-Yvan Mome “THE UofA CURLERS” (right to left in photo) all currently in their 4th and final year of the Specialization Geophysics program at the University of Alberta, Doodlespiel 2015 in Banff was a very special opportunity. This was our very first Doodlespiel! But with all the fun the town of Banff has to offer featuring a crowd of enthused and friendly geophysicist this surely will not be our last! Doodlespiel provided us with an opportunity to meet fellow student geophysicist and network with those currently in the industry. The weekend allowed us to garner tips on how to deal with the current volatility of Oil and Gas prices as well as key insight into how to successfully transition from the student life as we look to enter the next chapter of our lives. We finished 3rd in the hole plug this year, next year however, the aim is to return and obtain better results! We would like to recognize and thank our sponsor for this trip, APEGA. Thanks to their financial support we were able to make the journey from Edmonton to Banff and participate in this phenomenal event.

On the Move...

Absolute Imaging expands to Dallas, Texas. To better serve our growing number of clients in the United States, Albert Scutt has joined the Absolute team and will be based in Dallas, Texas. Albert spent 16 years in Calgary as a processing geoscientist and manager at various Calgary processing companies before moving to Dallas in 2013. He has worldwide processing experience with land and marine data in both stratigraphic and structural basins. Albert can be reached at albert@ absoluteimaging.ca or 1-972-343-8941.

Absolute Imaging Inc. is a leading provider of land and marine seismic data processing solutions including depth imaging, reservoir characterization, multicomponent processing, and environmental near-surface imaging. Absolute’s professional team has extensive experience processing 2D and 3D data from basins around the world in both subtle stratigraphic and complex geological environments.

Whatever Happened To...?

Barbara McClary

Barbara McClary – I retired in December 2004. Ten years! I looked forward to the opportunity to evolve existing interests, develop new ones, and enjoy the outdoors during quiet week days. My husband and I had decided to sell the Calgary house and move in to our weekend property in Crowsnest Pass. Since retirement, I have had the opportunity to serve four years on the board of the local tourist coal mine and I have worked as a volunteer at the food bank.

I skied weekdays often that first winter and the absence of line-ups was an ecstasy. Just as the ski season was finishing in the spring, I got a phone call from a buddy asking if I wanted to make some spare change by taking on an interpretation project for a Calgary oil company. It was shoulder season for the activities I love so I accepted quite happily. Six months later it was complete and I had missed the best part of the fishing season. Oops.

I continue occasional consulting and I enjoy the diversion. Most of my consulting involved work on Colombia and Brazil data. Corporate acquisition data rooms, with the acute time pressure to complete an evaluation, are also fun for a consultant.

I’m happy as can be. No kids, no pets, no job. We have had plenty of wonderful visits from Calgary friends. E-mail me at gbnf@shaw.ca if you want to get in touch.

Colleen Delisle

Colleen Delisle – Not long ago Carmen invited me to contribute to the RECORDER with a story about myself and where I am now. Initially I wasn’t sure, but after a few days of chewing on the idea I jumped in and thought why not! This article is very much intended to be a light read taking you away from daily industry stuff, so here goes!

I started in the Oil and Gas Industry in the early 80’s working for Bow Valley Resource Services and then moved to Oakwood Petroleum Ltd. I put my career on hold in 1988 and I made the decision to stay home and raise my two sons. Twelve glorious years came and went and I realized it was time to focus on my career, work towards new challenges and try something completely different. A sales opportunity was offered to me working for a company with the most unusual name, “Wheat Buckley and his Talking Horse”. How could I say no, consulting with all sorts of personalities in different industries selling unique useful products which promoted brand awareness!

I was truly enjoying this new role and became familiar with hits and misses of product trends and worked hard to grow my client base. A good friend of mine and mentor, Sean Callaghan recognized my drive and invited me to many corporate functions which helped develop new contacts and some great friendships. From there in 2006 I was offered and accepted a new opportunity, back in the Oil and Gas Industry as the head of Sales and Marketing working for United DataWyse Ltd. with Shawn Payne and Leon Bahr. It was difficult for me to say goodbye to Wheat Buckley but I was ready for new challenges and this was a great opportunity to grow my network and learn something new.

With 2007 came the Stelmach Royalty Steamroller along with our slipping economy. I was already in new territory and with obstacles I never imagined, the writing was on the wall. It was time for me to return back to my mother ship of Wheat Buckley. Yes, common ground to an industry that I knew well and truly enjoyed!

A few months passed, my sales funnel was full and the industry was changing with the times. More websites less catalogues, new decoration options less 1/color screen prints and all the new technology giveaways OH MY. That said so was Wheat Buckley, our fearless leader Brooke Carter (a hippy from way back) decided to pull the plug and set forth with his retirement. As jealous as we all were, we wished him well and geared up for the new big change. A larger company with many new personalities and a far different corporate pattern. It was quite an adjustment to say the least, as Wheat Buckley’s reputation was based on great creative concepts, always pushing outside the box with design fun. We were leaving the sea of yellow and twisted ideas to corporate blue and humdrum.

Three years flew by and I was approached by Anne Evamy (a wonderful woman whom I met at Latin Dancing) with an opportunity to join her company Identity Marketing Group (a competitor) as their new “Account Queen”. It was like an angel dropped from the heavens, not only was this company similar to that of Wheat Buckley but two other colleagues that I worked with from the beginning were joining as well. Felt like I was home again!!

The puzzle piece fits with life streaming along and I’m really feeling a sense of calm and confidence with my career at Identity Marketing Group. We are a boutique firm with a commitment to providing effective and strategic promotional support that enhances the visibility of our valued clients. By working in partnership with our customers we ensure every product delivered will meet your marketing initiatives and build loyalty within your organization. Please think of me when you are rebranding, thinking about a recognition program or simply need giveaways at a trade show or event colleen@identitymg.ca 403-215-2254.



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