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November is here and the season of Christmas parties and client appreciation parties is upon us. One of the challenges faced whenever planning a function is how to estimate how many people will attend. So when you receive those invitations, do your best to RSVP! It will be appreciated.

On the Move...

Alison Gollop started at Husky Energy on August 9th, working in the Deep Basin Exploration group. She can be reached at (403) 750-5076 or by email at

GEO-X Systems is pleased to announce the addition of Kevin Marsh to our Seismic Processing department. Kevin will be assuming the role of Processing Group Leader. He Brings 26 years of processing experience which makes him a great asset to our team. Kevin can be reached at phone: 298-5661 or email:

Oleh Stupnyckyj would like everyone to know he has found a new place to hang his hat…..Trilogy Energy LP. You can reach Oleh at 290-2915 or

Geophysical Service Incorporated is pleased to announce that Igor Blumentsvaig has joined Precision Seismic Processing as a marine processor. Igor brings many years of experience to our processing team. Igor can be reached at 514-6257 or

Key Seismic Solutions Ltd. is pleased to announce the addition of two new staff members. Bernard Lawjoins our Software Development team as Vice President of Software Development. He can be reached at 290-3474 or Graham Tester has joined our processing team as a Senior Processing Geophysicist. He can be reached at 290-3471 or

Direct Digital Online Inc. is pleased to welcome Randy Nelson, formally of Penn West Petroleum, as President and Director of Marketing. Randy brings more than 20 years of industry experience in Geophysical systems and Data Management. Randy’s exploration company experience will be a great addition to this highly skilled and dedicated team.

Direct Digital Online Inc. is a privately owned geophysical archival company specializing in seismic achieving, reproduction, geophysical technical services and data management. Randy can be reached at 403-265-6886 or

Evan Perry would like his friends and colleagues to know that he has joined Western Explosives Ltd. in the capacity of Sales & Marketing. You can reach Evan at 236-9160 or

How I Got Involved In Geophysics...

This portion of the Tracing the Industry column is where people share how they became involved in this strange industry. Geophysics seems to be an “accidental” profession. No one starts out with the goal of becoming a geophysicist. Each month I like to have someone trace their pathway into geophysics. If you would like to share your story, please let me know! CS

Karl Mirotchnik – Geomodeling Technology Corp.

Born in Moscow, I never realized the road life put me on would bring me one day to the best treasure hunt I could imagine.

I was just 11 years of age when my father, a petrophysicist, was transferred to a great job opportunity – our family was surprised, we didn’t realize what living in Israel would mean. It was definitely exciting; I was now part of a passionate culture, where things you read in a historical context jumped off the pages of a book and became a real part of your life.

By 1995, our family was on the move again and this time, with my father’s background, we chose the city of Calgary within our desired location of Canada to immigrate to. I started University in 1999, following my father’s footsteps and also to gain a foothold in this new country and be part of what I always thought was a treasure hunt – exploration for oil – which was always suspiciously close to gold for me. I graduated in July of 2004 with a Bachelor of Science in Geophysics and I am now Geophysical Support Specialist at Geomodeling Technology Corp. in Calgary. My hunt continues, but this time for the progression of my career, gaining experience and learning to call the hard shots.

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