Happy New Year!

The deadline for submissions to the RECORDER is six weeks before the publication date. When it came time to write the column for January, I did not even have one announcement! I sent out a panic email to my contacts in the geophysical community and they arose to the occasion. The column below is the result of those efforts. This is an example of the camaraderie, support and encouragement that is a part of the geophysical industry. It has been a source of amazement to me since I left the engineering side of oil and gas to join the geophysical side. Thanks to all the people that help me with this column as well as those who have supported and encouraged me in my new position. You are appreciated more than you will ever know.

On the move…

Direct Digital Online Inc. welcomes Tammy Bauer to our team of staff bringing 15 years of industry experience. We would also like to announce our move to a new and more spacious office @ Suite 100, 602 – 11 Avenue S.W. Pat Shannon can be reached at 265-6886 or by email at pshannon@direct-digital.com Tammy Bauer can be reached at 265- 6886 or by email at tbauer@direct-digital.com The staff and management of Direct Digital would like to wish Glen Dunand and Chris Wakaruk all the best in their new endeavors.

Oleh Stupnyckyj has joined Highpoint Resources Inc. as a Senior Geophysicist. You can reach Oleh at olehs@highpointres.com or (403) 261-8317.

Kestrel Data (Canada) Limited is pleased to announce that Glen Herringshaw has joined their team in the role of Senior Sales Representative. Glen’s role will be the sale and marketing of all of Kestrel’s products and services to the Calgary Oil and Gas marketplace. Glen can be reached at 250-6193.

Kestrel Data provides information management services, specializing in exploration data management services, records management services and computer media services. Kestrel Data offers superior service quality augmented with new and innovative value-added services and products which serve to differentiate it from other suppliers.

Jon Gittins, Rob Vestrum, and Dale Schack have left Veritas to start their own company, Thrust Belt Imaging. They will be available to consult on imaging projects as they develop their own depth-imaging software. Drop Rob a note at <rob@thrustbeltimaging.com>, Dale at <dale@thrustbeltimaging.com>, or Jon at <jon@thrustbeltimaging.com>.

Dr. Doug Schmitt, (Professor of Geophysics, Institute for Geophysical Research) at University of Alberta is leaving for 6 months on sabbatical until July, 2005 to Canberra, Australia. Doug will be squeezing rocks at the Research School of Earth Sciences at the Australian National University. Please note that he remains ‘virtually’ accessible via email (doug@phys.ualberta.ca). Alternatively call Dean Rokosh (780-492-4126) or Marek Welz (780-492-1054) for any enquiries related to research or fee-for-service lab measurements.

DATA TREK LTD. is pleased to welcome Andy Morris ( MR. DOODLEBUG) to the team. Andy has a total of 12 plus years of field experience, including a term as crew safety supervisor. He had worked his way up to Senior Observer/Party Manager for Geco-Prakla before his 7 years with Explosives Ltd. Andy may be contacted at:

DATA TREK LTD. 403-255-5774
Cell: 403-620-5779
Email: andy@datatrek.ca

Sensor Geophysical Ltd. welcomes Ken Lazorko to our team as a Senior Processing Analyst. Ken joins Sensor from Chevron after 22 years. His extensive experience in 2D/3D land processing in Western Canada will bring added value to the company, which just celebrated their 10 year anniversary.

Sensor Geophysical specializes in providing seismic processing and integrated reservoir geophysics services. Ken invites his friends and contacts to reach him at 260-3359 or ken_lazorko@sensorgeo.com.

Don Noble has joined Huron Energy Corp. You can reach Don at dnoble@huronenergycorp.com or 264-1200 extension 231

Effective October 1, 2004, Jon Downton has joined Veritas DGC as a Senior Research Geophysicist based in Calgary, Canada. He will be specializing in the areas of AVO, impedance inversion, signal processing, inversion and rock physics.

Prior to joining Veritas, Jon was Director of Research - Canada for Corelab/ RTD (Reservoir Technologies Division) for six years until the company merged with Paradigm Geophysical earlier in 2004. Prior, Jon had established an illustrious geoscientific career in various managerial and research roles over a span of 13 years with Integra Geoservices, Landmark Graphics, ITA (Inverse Theory & Application) and Suncor Energy.

Jon has a B.Sc. in Geophysics from the University of Alberta (1985) and is currently finalizing his Ph.D. dissertation in AVO Inversion, which he will be defending in November.

Pal Redly has joined Shell Canada Limited as Staff Geophysicist in the Unconventional Gas group. Pal can be reached by phone at 691-2953, or email at Pal.Redly@shell.com.

Effective September 1, 2004, Jan Dewar has joined Veritas as Technical Support Geophysicist in Land Processing, Calgary. Jan will be creating technical marketing material for reports, bids and technical presentations.

Jan has several years of land processing experience, including AVO and rock property estimation. Most recently, Jan worked as a Geophysicist/Technical Writer for Paradigm Geophysical. Jan enjoys the challenge of clearly presenting complex ideas and processes to clients, and has published articles in various publications, including the CSEG RECORDER and EAGE First Break. Jan has a B.Sc. in Physics from the University of Alberta.

New Degrees…

The following are recent recipients of degrees from the University of Alberta. For further information on their theses please visit: [http://phys.ualberta.ca/~sacchi/saig/theses.php]

Bin Liu, Ph.D., 2004, Multi-dimensional Reconstruction of Seismic Data. Dr. Lui is now working for Veritas Houston.

Jiang Feng, M.Sc. 2004, Rock Properties Inversion with Kirchhoff AVA Migration/Inversion.

Ulrich Theune, Ph.D., 2004, Seismic Monitoring of Heavy Oil reservoirs: rock physics and finite element modeling.



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