Ho! Ho! Ho! Some folks are still on the go!

Graham Millington is glad to report that he is back in Calgary after an absence of over eight years, which took him to Dallas and London. He is in the Geoscience Services group of Mobil Oil Canada and can be reached at 260-7320.

Integra Geoservices is pleased to announce the arrival of their newest hire, Ciprian Mihai, from Europe. Ciprian has a Master of Science Honours Degree in geological and geophysical engineering and 11 years experience in seismic data acquisition and processing. Ciprian's focus has been on pre-stack time migration, wavelet processing and filter design. For the last 3 years he worked on a joint venture project involving two major oil and gas companies consisting of complex structural processing. We are very excited to have Ciprian on board both for this expertise and for the further perspectives he contributes to the Integra team. Ciprian can be reached at 294-5112.

Sensor Geophysical Ltd. is pleased to announce that David Secord, M.Sc., P.Geoph. has joined the company effective November 1, 1995. Dave brings over 15 years industry experience to the company; including 10 years of processing and interpretation of seismic data. Dave can be reached at (403) 260-3356.

Digital Seismic Services is pleased to announce that Dwight Martin Mildenberger has joined our team. Dwight's many years of experience in both processing and marketing will aid in expanding our current range of service. Dwight may be reached at 234-9933 or fax at 269-6651.

Geco-Prakla is pleased to announce that Milt Tetzlaff has joined their staff. Milt has 26 years of experience in field operations, 21 of them in Western Canada. Milt will be working out of Geco-Prakla's Land Operations Centre and is responsible for land seismic sales. Milt can be reached at 291-5717 or on e-mail at tetzlaff@calgary.geoprakla.slb.com.

That's all for this year. To close I would like to wish all a Very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Bye for now.



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