Rouge (French Calgary Style)

Seems like it was just yesterday that I started writing this piece and yet here we are introducing another new year for the recorder. So since it’s a new year I thought I’d head to a new style of food that hasn’t yet been covered in our wanderings around Calgary. That style is French and the restaurant is Rouge.

Located in the former A.E. Cross house in Inglewood at 1240 8th Avenue S.E. Rouge is the perfect example of why we need to preserve our heritage in this town. In fact the house is listed as a Calgary and Alberta Heritage site so luckily for us Rouge should be here to stay for a while. Several rooms in the house are available to dine in including the Dining Room, the Atrium and the Parlour. Plus for large groups you might want to book the Gallery upstairs which is in the former master bedroom. It can accommodate up to 40 people and also doubles as an art gallery.

Now without further ado on to the meal! Once we were seated we were supplied with some French bread with olive oil and Cranberry vinegar, which was a delightful way to get the taste buds rolling. This was followed by one of the specials of the day being a combination of seared Foie Gras, a Foie Gras mousse and Foie Gras in a profiterole. I can only hope that when I return this combination is offered again! We then tried a recommended dish at Rouge which is the Lobster Bisque spiked with green peppercorn and brandy. This can only be described as awesome with generous amounts of lobster and a flavour to die for.

Rouge is rightly proud of their wine list, which provides choices from around the world either by the glass or bottle. Feel free to ask the staff what might be recommended with your choices for the evening. We decided to sample a glass of French Merlot and a Spanish Rioja, both of which were superb.

However on with the meal that by now had progressed to entrees, but before I talk about this though I have to add that the service at Rouge is impeccable. The staff is present without being intrusive, while you are never left wanting a fresh glass of water nor do you need to wait for your next course to arrive. For this Rouge earns top marks! Now where was I? Oh yes entrees. We chose a signature dish, which is Rack of Lamb, served with Oxtail Risotto and Natural Juices plus Elk Medallions with Artichoke and Pancetta stack with a Red wine and Shallot jus. Where do I begin? The Elk was great, the Lamb was even better, and I’ll be having either of these two again! By this point in the evening we are reaching sensory overload so the only thing left to do is to have dessert! Picture Crème Brule with Cranberries and Asiago cheese and you are on the right track. Combine it with a cup of tea for one and a glass of Muscat for the other and the end of a successful dining experience has been reached again.

So go to Rouge for the history, stay for the fantastic food and revel in a dining experience worth remembering. As always I can be reached for comments or questions at

Rouge ( French Calgary Style )
1240 8th Avenue S.E.

Food *****

Service *****

Price $22.00 – $34.00



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