New Immigration Stream for Skilled Tradespeople

Canada will open its doors to 3,000 skilled tradespeople starting next year under a new immigration stream set to launch Jan. 2, 2013, Immigration Minister Jason Kenney announced Monday.

“The new skilled trades stream will help address serious labour shortages in some regions of the country, and support economic growth,” he said.

“For too long, Canada’s immigration system has not been open to these in-demand skilled workers. These changes are long overdue and will help us move to a fast and flexible immigration system that works for Canada’s economy.”

To qualify, applicants will need to have a prearranged job offer in Canada or a certificate of qualification from a province or territory that proves they’ll be “job ready” when they arrive.

They must also meet a basic language requirement, have at least two years of work experience as a skilled tradesperson and have the necessary skills and experience needed for the job.

Electricians, welders, heavy-duty equipment mechanics and pipe-fitters are among the occupations that will be eligible for the new stream.

I really believe this is great news for the Canadian oil patch. We are continually looking for skilled labourers and there are many skilled labourers looking for a decent job and a stable living environment.

Convention Update

Al Hancock and Deborah Yedlin have both confirmed they will speak at this year’s convention. Al will speak Monday, May 6 and Deborah will speak Tuesday, May 7. Bio information is on the website.

The Technical program is starting to come together (as of Jan 2, 2013) with this year’s theme of Integration. Posters in 2013 will be moved to the area vacated by Earth Sciences for Society (ESfS); this should highlight the posters more and solve the noise and overcrowding problems from previous years.

The floor was sold out as of December, 2012, and a wait list has been compiled. Booth placement will have started in January.

Sponsorship was at about 70-80% of budget in December, 2012 and will most likely be sold out by the time this article is printed.

Past Presidents Meeting

The Past Presidents meeting and the Presidential Advisory Committee (PAC) meeting were held at the Palliser Hotel on Dec 6, 2012. The PAC meeting is a great opportunity for the present executive to get together with the last ten past presidents and solicit their input on the state of the Society. The Past Presidents meeting was attended by 27 past presidents going all the way back to Peter Savage from 1962. We reviewed the major milestones and accomplishments of this years executive and I will review that presentation in the March RECORDER.



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