Golden Software Inc. Releases New Program

Golden Software Inc. has just released a new version of their thematic mapping program, MapViewer.

MapViewer has been around since 1990 and users include GIS analysts, cartographers, geographers, academic professors, sales managers, climatologists, geologists, and more.

Millennium Seismic Ltd. Announces 3D Seismic Activity in Western Alberta

Millennium Seismic Ltd. has begun acquisition of a 3D seismic program encompassing approximately 191 square kilometers/74 square miles north of Grand Prairie in Western Alberta. Jesse Marion, president of Millennium states, "This project is the fourth for us in Western Alberta and raises the total of Millennium projects in North America to over 2000 square mile s." Millennium Seismic Ltd. identifies, designs, markets and packages multi-client seismic surveys in Canada.

President & CEO of Netdriven Solutions Inc. Provides an Overview

Mel Baillie, the newly appointed President and CEO of NetDriven Solutions Inc. announced that there will be many positive changes occurring in the future. They have broadened their business plan where they are visioning growth of the company to occur. NetDriven is focusing on new strategic approaches to take as changes are made. NetDriven will continue their success by intensifying their efforts to satisfy the needs of existing clients, the y are aggressively seeking new major accounts, and the y are targeting new vertical markets in the rapidly expanding storage services segment. NetDriven has established an enviable reputation in the seismic data storage and retrieval market.

Western Geco Announces New Marketing Group

WesternGeco is pleased to announce the formation of the following Sales and Marketing Group for Canada:

Land Acquisition - Mike Cardell
Data Processing - Jocelyn Frankow
Marine Acquisition - David Crochett
Multi-Client Spec Data - Ken Lengyel, Patty Evans, and Greg Reid
Multi-Client Spec Data Marine - Steve Whidden

For all your seismic exploration needs call WesternGeco at 403-509-4666.

GX Technology Partners with Scott Pickford to Produce Geologically Calibrated Depth Images

GX Technology (GXT) and Scott Pickford, the Reservoir Management Division of Core Laboratories, recently formed a preferred partnership that brings together best-in-class providers to produce geologically calibrated, high fidelity depth images and subsurface description.

The two companies work together, each sharing its technology and expertise to produce joint solutions. In a typical workflow, the companies first use GXT's prestack Kirchhoff or wave equation depth migration technology to produce high fidelity, amplitude-preserved depth images. Scott Pickford's technologies, including advanced AVO, Coherence Cube™ processing, attribute analysis and core-to-seismic calibration, are then applied to the depth seismic data. The result is a geologically calibrated seismic depth volume and subsurface description, including lithology, fluid and fracture prediction. The integrated geophysical and geological description of the subsurface is used by oil company clients to significantly reduce the risk and cost of finding and producing petroleum.

Chris Cottam, VP of Reservoir Management for Core, sa id, "We believe this partnership creates a unique offering to the industry. Together, Scott Pickford and GXT will help our clients extract more value from their seismic, geologic and engineering data. This will enable them to reduce significantly E&P risk and ultimately increase hydrocarbon production from their reservoirs."



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