When I first got the phone call to see if I would put my name up for nomination I have to admit I wasn’t quite sure. I immediately made some phone calls to see what I would be getting myself into. With much reassurance I said yes, it was a close race thanks to Trent Olsen. (I know he too would have done a fabulous job.) Now after sitting on various CSEG committees such as the Sponsorship Chair on two consecutive conventions, I appreciate the need for the volunteers from all scopes of the CSEG.

Believe it or not I’m coming to the end of my first year of Assistant Director, I will be forging ahead as the Director of Member Services going into ‘06. I have had the opportunity to work this year with Francois Aubin, currently the Director of Member Services. He has such a great sense of calmness, humor and balance to him, thank you Francois! Heads up, I may be calling you for guidance…

Our portfolio consists of the Doodlebug, Doodlespiel, Ski Spree and the CSEG Membership. What better way to know my portfolio than to attend a few of these events. I have been attending the Doodlespiel since 1998. I’ve seen many changes take place over the years and it is still a very fun venue for all participants. I have also been fortunate to participate, yes, as a golfer, in the last three Doodlebugs. Both of these events are great networking opportunities for all members of the CSEG. We are currently looking to hold additional social events to allow our members more local opportunities for networking.

Francois and I will be hosting the second annual, note how I mention annual, Volunteer Appreciation Evening again this year to be held at the Saltlik on October 13th. Without our volunteers the CSEG would not be able to support their members with the various technical and social opportunities. As I sit in our monthly meetings I am amazed at how much thought goes into each committee and all the events that are organized to accommodate such a vast society. Kudos’ to all the CSEG volunteers both past and present.

When I look at the heart of our volunteers I see kindness, integrity, enthusiasm, motivation and a lot of new friendships that are made each year. Even with the small doubt I had when putting my name up for nomination I have to admit I’ve enjoyed the first year of my term. I look forward to another year with the CSEG Executive, if anyone has any questions or comments please feel free to contact me. Thank you to everyone who has been such an integral part of maintaining my own integrity and helping me to achieve both personal and business successes!



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