Volunteers, Volunteers, Volunteers…

The CSEG is a great organization! Whether you are Calgary-based and are used to all of our local functions, or in St. John’s reading the RECORDER, or in Australia visiting our luncheons web casts, I am sure you will agree that the CSEG is an amazing society

Without the volunteers that put in a lot of effort to make each CSEG event a success, the CSEG would not be what it is. In the course of a year, between 100 and 200 of our members volunteer for one function or another. In many cases, one volunteer’s name will appear under many functions. We are very fortunate as a society to experience such a high level of volunteering. If you are a member of the CSEG and you have not volunteered, do not feel left out. For those of us that do volunteer, the events would not be the success they are without your participation, be it the Convention, a social function, or any other event.

Under the leadership of Andy Williamson, the volunteers were celebrated with a reception at the Saltlik on October 21st. We hope to make this event an annual event. It is held to show our appreciation for the dedicated support of the volunteers. Each volunteer was presented with a gift certificate as a token of our appreciation.

We also want to extend our thanks to our staff: Jim and Sheryl. They offer their advice and support in whatever way they can and help each and every committee, and the executive, in their tasks. Their help goes beyond their call of duty.

The bulk of our membership is based in Calgary. Members outside Calgary, elsewhere in Canada, what can we do for you? Let one of the executives know.

Under Member Services fall the DoodleSpiel, Ski Spree, DoodleBug and Membership, both individual and Corporate.

As Assistant Director of Member Services, it is a real pleasure to work with Andy Williamson who is Director Member Services, as well as the whole executive team. Seeing the inner workings of an association like ours is an eye-opener, it helps to understand all that goes on behind the scenes to keep the organization running smoothly.

The CSEG could not do what it is doing if it were not for you the members. By being a member, you are supporting your association, and it is appreciated. If you know of colleagues who might benefit from membership, encourage them to join. Each time you attend one of the many functions of the CSEG, whether it be a technical presentation or a social event, you are helping your organization. Should you wish to do a little more, you will be welcome as a volunteer in whichever committee most appeals to you.

Is your employer a corporate member of CSEG? Check on the web site (www.cseg.ca). If they are not, encourage them to become a supporting member. Contact the CSEG office for information.

Next time you meet one of our volunteers, offer a “Thank you!”, as without their help, our society would not be able to host all of the events it is currently offering.

Here is a list of the committees involving volunteers:

  • Convention
  • DoodleTrain
  • Technical Luncheons
  • Website
  • Outreach
  • Road Race
  • DoodleSpiel
  • U of C Chair
  • Executive Committee
  • Scholarship/ Foundation
  • Continuing Education
  • LunchBox Geophysics
  • Ski Spree
  • Doodlebug
  • CGF
  • Seismic Data Standards



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