Spring is almost over and Summer upon us. For us, as an Association, some of our busiest months are April, May and June. Many of our conventions we put on and many which we just attend occur during this three month period. I would like to take this opportunity to outline some of the upcoming events in June and look ahead a little to the Fall. Information on all of these is available on our website and in the Calendar section of The Source.

June is a busy month for us. On June 3 and 4 we are hosting a Symposium for our members with a seismic program development and management theme. This will occur in Calgary – run for a day and a half with a pool side BBQ to follow. It is important to have a little fun mixed in with work! The course itself will allow for a complete analysis of all the trials and tribulations associated with putting together and managing a seismic program in Canada – all the work elements – permitting, surveying, line cutting, drilling, shooting, recording, clean-up, reclamation – as well as all the underlying principles associated with dealing with the public, landowners, and regulations which cover off such a work program. This will be an interactive forum with a costing mechanism to assist as a framework element for the bigger picture.

The CAGC hosts its Tough Times Golf Tournament on June 17th. This yearly event is put on down in Nanton, AB and we run buses out of Calgary for those who wish to utilize the service. This event is one of the largest attended golf events in the Canadian geophysical business. The format is forgiving – a best ball foursome – however with the numbers playing it is still a lengthy process. In the end it is a great opportunity for networking, a day in the sun and out of the office.

The CAGC used to meet twice yearly with the BC OGC and WCB. It was felt these meetings were becoming too similar in terms of issues from one meeting to the next. As such there was agreement that we needed to host more of a yearly event rather than a one-day meeting. This inaugural event is scheduled for Fort St John, BC on June 23 and 24. The agenda includes a number of speakers from the OGC, participants from MEM, WCB, Industry and even some outside groups. It is also scheduled to run 1-1/2 days with the afternoon of the second day being a golf tournament. The agenda and other information may be found on our website. This will be an important venue with the amount of interest and activity we have seen over the past few years and as well the outlook looks for the area to be busy for some time to come. If you are doing geophysical work in BC make sure you attend.

Our Alberta forum is scheduled for September 15 and 16 in Red Deer. We are putting the agenda together at this time, however it looks to be a very relevant forum for current issues of Alberta interest in relation to seismic work. As well we have speakers from Environmental groups, Forestry groups, Pipeline groups as well as presentations from relevant Government authorities and Industry players with new developments from over the past year. This event is always very well attended and is also followed by a golf tournament to wrap things up. (Seems to be a common theme!)

One final event of note for this fall – something we are calling “Seismic in Motion Field Trip”. This is a one-day event schedule for either October 6 or 7. It will be an opportunity for participants to spend a day in the field and see all aspects of seismic field operations. We are working in coordination with our member companies to put on a show and tell utilizing a variety of today’s available equipment and new technologies. The show will include permitting and approvals, mulching, chainsaw work, steep slopes work, long line work, a variety of seismic drilling, vibes, loading and shooting, as well as recording work. We will have our members handle the medics and the catering also. It is a great opportunity to see all the phases and equipment of seismic in one day – an opportunity not to be missed. Real field operations tend to be linear in both scope and timing by nature and therefore it is impossible to see all phases on any one given day. The structure here will allow some groups of 20 or less to be rotated around to see each activity separately. Bussing will be provided from Calgary and lunch will be served on site. Safety equipment will be provided and a safety boss will be in charge of each group. Registration will be available through the CAGC. See The RECORDER, The Source and/or our website for details. We are excited about offering a showcase of our activities and membership’s equipment. We look forward to a successful and educational day in the field.

On behalf of the CAGC I would like to wish everyone a safe and prosperous Summer. Look for the next The Source magazine with your September RECORDER.

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