Road Race & Fun Run

Once again, the CSPG-CSEG will be running its annual Roadrace and Fun Run in September. With some new and exciting changes, the event promises to be better than ever!

This year, we will be offering both a 10km and a 5km race. We have secured winning time to provide chip timing and events-on-line will provide easy on-line registration.

The run will take place on Wednesday, September 10, 2008 beginning at 6:00pm at the Eau Claire YMCA. The route will take you on an out-and-back course along the beautiful Bow River pathways, finishing at the Eau Claire YMCA. Following the race, all racers, volunteers, and guests are invited to gather at Quincy’s for awards, draw prizes, refreshments, and some friendly camaraderie. So if you are looking for a competitive race or just want to have fun, come join us!

The race is open to all members of the CSPG, CSEG, and CAPL, and the general public, however, space is limited to 200 participants. So register early to avoid disappointment!

There will be NO race day registration. For more information or to register, visit the CSPG website.

To help you, Gord Hobbins of Gord’s Running Store has developed a 10km race training guide for novice runners. Try it out and benefit from some expert advice, you may be surprised how easy it can be to gently get yourself in condition for your first race.

Gord’s 12 Week Training Guide for Novice Runners
Minutes of running per day:
Week Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Sun
June 29-July 5 - 10-15 min - 10-15 min - - 15 mins.
July 6-12 - 10-15 min - 10-15 min - - 20 mins.
July 13-19 - 10-20 min 0-10 min 10-20 min - - 25 mins.
July 20-26 - 10-20 min 0-10 min 10-20 min - - 30 mins.
July 27-Aug 2 - 10-20 min 0-10 min 10-20 min 0-10 min - 25 mins.
Aug 3-Aug 9 - 10-20 min 0-10 min 10-20 min 0-10 min - 35 mins
Aug 10-16 - 15-25 min 0-10 min 15-20 min 0-10 min - 25 mins
Aug 14-20 - 15-25 min 0-10 min 15-20 min 0-10 min - 40 mins
Aug 17-23 - 15-25 min 0-10 min 15-25 min 0-10 min - 25 mins
Aug 24–30 - 15-25 min 0-10 min 15-25 min 0-10 min - 45 min
Aug31-Sept 6 - 20-30 min 0-10 min 15-25 min 0-10 min - 25 mins.
Sept 7-13 - Rest 10 KM RUN        


Guidance/Tips: For novice runners who wish a doit- yourself program at your leisure.

Run for short durations between 3 and 5 times per week according to schedule, with your long run days being the key to your training program.

  • If your running shoes are giving you some problems, get some which fit and match your gait.
  • Guide allows for a gradual increase to a comfortable load; your legs may need some conditioning at first.
  • Yes, times are in minutes. The secret is to be regular and not beat yourself up.
  • Wear a hat and cool shades. Keep well hydrated. It really helps.
  • Gently stretch those calves and quads afterwards.
  • Take along a friend and convince them to sign for CSPG, CSEG and the RoadRace as well.
  • There are many running/training groups in town if interested in more.

Many thanks go out to our sponsors and volunteers who make this event possible each year!

We hope to see you there!



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