David Gray of the CSEG’s Value of Integrated Geophysics Committee (VIG) delivered an APEGA Calgary Branch PD Evening Seminar on January 9, 2019. The talk was entitled “Demystifying Geophysics for Engineers”. The purpose was to educate engineers about the principles of geophysics and how its application can contribute to exploration and production success. VIG would like to thank David for taking the time to do this important, grassroots volunteer work for the CSEG.

David started the evening on a fun and mysterious note. Dressed in black, complete with fedora and shades, and looking a little like a Blues Brother, he told the class what he did for a living, then asked if it sounded like geophysics, engineering, or both. This routine was meant to suggest that David had spent many years spying on the geophysical community and was now reporting back.

David applied pragmatism throughout the evening to explain complex topics. He asked everyone to close their eyes while he hit a brick and a piece of wood with a hammer, then asked which was which, based on sound. (Ah-ha – seismic interpretation!) He used bath sponges and a Slinky to demonstrate P- and S-wave behaviour. David explained how seismic is largely about geomechanics, and how Hooke’s Law (well-understood and used by engineers) applies to rock properties and behaviours. He proposed that seismic is a non-destructive geomechanical test that can provide information on an areal basis, and thus provide considerable value in unconventional plays. To summarize, David offered many examples of how geophysics can help companies optimize well/pad placement and understand more about reservoirs and their surrounding pressure regimes.

We were pleased that 36 APEGA members came out on a cold Wednesday night in January to learn about the principles and value of geophysics. Thank you again, David!

For more information on VIG and to take a look at our Reading List, please visit https://cseg.ca/technical/value-of-integrated-geophysics. Thank you.


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