The University of Alberta Geophysics Society (UAGUS) has had an exciting fall semester with many opportunities for students to learn and develop in their academic and career pursuits. Of note, members of UAGUS’ executive council (Cody Good – President, Noel Gore – Vice President, and Allyson Shewchuk – Treasurer) were fortunate to attend the SEG annual Meeting in Anaheim, California. The conference was an amazing opportunity to see the global applications to which their degrees may be applied, as well as meet and network with students and industry professionals from the international geophysics community. In addition to this, UAGUS was able to happily host two speakers throughout the semester: Brian Schulte of Schiefer Reservoir and Patrick Finlay of Tetra Tech, who presented talks covering topics pertaining to Integration of Geoscience to find faults and fractures for horizontal drilling, and to Near Surface Geophysics, respectively. The undergraduate students at the University of Alberta are very thankful to both speakers for their sharing of experience and information so as to aid in the development of our students. The members of UAGUS are excited for the upcoming semester which will provide even more experiences and opportunities for growth as well as for the graduation of our 4th year undergraduate students.


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