CSEG Foundation Outreach has coordinated with the Canadian Association of GeophysicaI Contractors (CAGC) for many years to bring Calgary Board of Education (CBE) high school students to CAGC's Seismic in Motion (SIM), which is held near Waiparous, Alberta. SIM demonstrates seismic exploration activities in the oil and gas industry. Students see displays of seismic recording equipment, Vibroseis™ trucks and explosive seismic sources, search and rescue, helicopters, medical services, mulching, and drones. In addition, they are informed about microseismic techniques and equipment, and given a PowerPoint presentation which shows how seismic data are used by the resource industry.

Students came from Jack James High School, Nose Creek Middle School, Centennial High School and, new this year, Canmore Collegiate High School. Also new this year were post-secondary students from the University of Alberta, who joined those from the University of Calgary, Mount Royal University and SAIT. Students, teachers, industry and government personnel came to Waiparous by bus and were divided into groups, each group having a volunteer guide organized by CSEG Outreach. Each group was guided through the demonstration stations, given Iunch, and, to finish the day, treated to mulcher and Iive explosives demonstrations and a simulated helicopter rescue.

These testimonials attest to the success of SIMfS:

Seismic in Motion was such a great field trip and SO appropriate for Jack James students! They really had their eyes opened to a huge variety of career possibilities! The field trip was extremely well organized and staffed with wonderful volunteers that had great patience with our students. A special thank you to the volunteers and companies who were on site despite tough economic times. – Jack James High School teacher.

I liked knowing what it takes to make a difference to my life, learning about what they do for a living and how they got there. – Ben, Jack James student.

Amazing day, will remember this for the rest of my degree. I really appreciate the opportunity and definitely have increased my geophysics/seismic knowledge beyond the classroom. Thank you very much. – University of Alberta student.

Other attendees’ comments included “Amazing and very educational trip"; "great experience"; "very well done and glad I came"; "it was pretty cool and I got to learn a lot"; "fantastic, thank you so much"; "awesome experience, totally recommend it"; "I think the field trip was really educational and fun”.

Students from Jack James HS
Students from Jack James HS (photograph courtesy Barbara Goulet)

Alessandro Carducci coordinated the CSEG station presentations and the in-school presentations for the students prior to the field trip, which were given by Richard Gray. Diane Lespinasse was funding coordinator and Annette Milbradt organized the guides. Our volunteer guides this year were Sobhi Alhashwa, Louis Blinn, Allan Chatenay, Scott Courchesne, Jeff Crowhurst, Sina Esmaeili, Richard Gray, Rick Green, Chris Harrison, Tal Hogbin, Jessica Tester, Jarom LaPierre, Michael Lawson, Wayne McKinnon, Ken Mitchell, Kurt Mulhall, Samuel Quiroga, Neil Rutherford, Mikael Sabo, Philip Sokol, Gus Teske, and Marissa Whittaker. Perry Kotkas and Helen Isaac presented at the CSEG station, giving an overview of seismic activities and how they fit into the big picture. A huge thanks is deserved by all presenters and volunteer guides. We also greatly appreciate the support of our generous sponsors during these difficult times.

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