CSEG Foundation Outreach has coordinated with the Canadian Association of Geophysical Contractors (CAGC) for many years to bring Calgary Board of Education (CBE) high school students to CAGC’s Seismic in Motion (SIM), which is held annually near Waiparous, Alberta. Students and visitors from industry, academia and government see displays of seismic recording equipment, Vibroseis™ trucks and explosive seismic sources, search and rescue, helicopters, medical services, mulching, microseismic, and drones. They learn about the importance of safety, and modern acquisition techniques. To show how seismic data acquisition fits into the big picture, visitors are given a PowerPoint presentation by CSEGF Outreach volunteers.

Photo 01
Groups are led to various stations to hear about seismic field equipment. Photograph courtesy Barbara Goulet.

This year, students came from Jack James and Forest Lawn High Schools, Ernest Manning High School and Nelson Mandela High School. We also hosted home-schooled students. These high school students joined postsecondary students from the University of Calgary, Mount Royal University and SAIT, and teachers, industry and government personnel, on scheduled visits to the demonstration stations led by volunteer CSEG Outreach guides. To finish the day, everyone enjoyed seeing mulcher and live explosives demonstrations and a simulated helicopter rescue.

Photo 02
Students are shown modern surveying techniques. Photograph courtesy Penny Colton.

Many thanks go to the coordinators from CSEGF Outreach: Alessandro Carducci, Diane Lespinasse, Kurt Mulhall and Annette Milbradt. The pre-trip in-school presentations to the students were given by Richard Gray. Our volunteer guides this year were Sobhi Alhashwa, Dunia Blanco Acuna, Trevor de Graaf, John Evans, Joel Fuller, Richard Gray, Rick Green, Mike Hartley, Victor Hoang, Muhammad Ikram-Ul-Haq, Scott Janzen, Caitlin Latimer, Chris Lane, Mark Lane, Peter Laws, Wayne McKinnon, Andrew Mills, Ken Mitchell, Kayla Mulhall, Mark Nergaard, Stefan Prisacari, Neil Rutherford, Tacita Schmid, Samantha Sellars, Chelsea Squires, Matt Torriero, Marissa Whittaker, Cody Will, and Lauren Zvanciuk. Helen Isaac, Annette Milbradt and Mark Lane presented at the CSEG station, where they gave an overview of seismic activities and how they fit into the big picture. A huge thanks goes to all presenters and volunteer guides. We also greatly appreciate the support of our generous sponsors who make this valuable experience available to the students.

For more information about this annual field trip, please contact the CSEG Foundation’s Schools Outreach Coordinator at outreach@cseg.ca.

Thank You Very Much to Our Generous Corporate Sponsors of Seismic in Motion for Students:



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