The Fall semester of 2018 has been a exciting experience for all of us in the Rundle group of Geoscience at the University of Calgary. With Rundle being involved in both Geology and Geophysics, we have had the wonderful opportunity to work closely with both the CSPG and the CESG. On November 7th, 2018 we had our 8th annual Networking Event, where we had over 25 Industry professionals from many different types of Geoscience companies around Calgary. With over 100 students in attendance, this allowed professionals to guide students through what the geoscience community has in store for them in the next few years both in school and after they graduate. We have also had the wonderful opportunity to hold many Technical Talks thoughout the year, where students watch a slideshow and listen to a talk from different industry professionals and can see first hand what people go through in the industry, all with a bite to eat and a few refreshments. As we head into 2019 we are excited to have the opportunity to have more Technical Talks each month, resume builders, core and pipeline tours, and networking events to engage the students and give them the best opportunity to learn in their Undergraduate degree here at the University of Calgary.


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