GeoConvention: June 20-22, Calgary Telus Convention Center and Hosted Virtually
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Hybrid Format

Coming out of the pandemic which saw GeoConvention hosted virtually for the last two years, GeoConvention 2022 will mark the first-ever hybrid event in conference history as we host in-person at the Telus Convention Center and simultaneously on our virtual platform, bringing the full conference experience to a worldwide audience who otherwise would not be able to participate in the event. In hosting virtually over the last two years, GeoConvention gained significant international interest by bringing some of the best integrated earth science content direct to the homes and offices of delegates from throughout the world. The removal of travel barriers meant delegates could participate from wherever they resided. The goal of hosting via a hybrid format in 2022 is to retain and grow our international participation in a time when travel is still somewhat restricted.

In addition to furthering the international reach of GeoConvention, the hybrid format will also allow for the majority of the technical program, including posters, to be available on-demand through the end of 2022 so that delegates will not have to miss a thing. An overwhelming positive with hosting virtually was the ability to view talks that one may have missed during the live event on-demand, following the conference. With virtual delivery, delegates could also re-visit talks of particular interest after the show to dive deeper into the content being presented. In hosting a hybrid format, virtual delivery can still be realized while also providing those who can attend the opportunity to re-connect, network, and engage in-person. GeoConvention 2022 on-demand will begin July 1.

New Initiatives – Conference

GeoConvention 2022 will see the introduction of a focused two-day technical program, preceded by an opening keynote and icebreaker on the exhibit floor. Historically, the GeoConvention technical program has been hosted over three days, and while successful, limiting the technical program to two days was seen as a way to increase the technical prowess of the conference by allowing session chairs and the technical committee the ability to be more selective with the content that they accept. The reduction to two days did provide challenges through the review process as the quality of content submitted this year was fantastic; hence, due to timing restraints, some content will be hosted as exclusive, virtual-only talks.


GeoConvention offers some of the best local and international insights into efficient energy exploration and production, which is critical to the success of the industry and provides an opportunity for delegates and exhibitors to benefit from and give back to the community through Technical Sessions, Posters, the Showcase Stage and the Exhibition Floor.

GeoConvention 2022 will host nearly 40 sessions on a wide variety of technical content from relevant, impactful themes, building on play-specific sessions including the Duvernay and Montney while also expanding upon topics such as Machine Learning and AI, Lithium, Mining Geophysics, Seismic Acquisition, Processing, Inversion and Imaging and Alternative Energy.

A sincere thank you to all GeoConvention presenters for taking the time to prepare for the in-person event, and for taking the time to record their presentations for virtual hosting. The hybrid format does not work without the dedication and hard work our presenters are willing to put in to make the GeoConvention 2022 a success.

Geoconvention 2022 Technical Program Sessions
A symposium in honour of Gerard V. Middleton Machine Learning and AI
Advances in Near-Surface Geophysics: Environmental and Engineering Applications Managing Transition in a Changing Industry
Applications of Geomechanics in Western Canada Methane Emission Reductions: Success Stories and Trends
Back to the Basics: Geophysics Microseismic and Strain
Canadian Lithium Brines (two sessions) Microseismic Integration
Carbon Capture, Utilization and Storage Mining Geophysics
Carbon Sequestration - What to expect beyond 2022 Montney
Clastic Sedimentology Offshore Atlantic Canada Resource Exploration & Economics
Duvernay Petrophysics
Enhanced Oil Recovery Reservoir Optimization
Future of Integrated Geosciences in Energy Transformation Sedimentology, Stratigraphy and Paleontology
Geothermal: The Ultimate Renewable Energy Solution Seismic Acquisition
Hydrocarbon Exploration in Fold and Thrust Belts, Where Style Still Matters Seismic Imaging – Full Waveform Inversion
Hydrodynamics: From Petroleum to Carbon Storage Seismic Inversion for Reservoir Characterization
Hydrogeology Seismic Processing 1 (two sessions)
Indigenous Partnerships in Science The Role of Geosciences in Nuclear and Alternative Energy
Induced seismicity and risk mitigation Uncertainty, Risk and Decision Making
International Case Studies and Exploration Using organic matter in your reservoir
  Water Disposal

In addition to the best-in-class integrated geoscience content outlined above, GeoConvention 2022 will host Mike Rose of Tourmaline Oil as the opening keynote presentation on Monday, June 20th, just before the icebreaker reception.

GeoConvention 2022 promises to position you (and your company) for greater success by introducing in-depth discipline-specific discussions, integrated case studies and content specific to technological advancements. GeoConvention also provides Professional Development Hours in APEGA's Informal Activity category.


During the pandemic, what we heard more than anything was about the lack of ability to functionally network during the conference. While the virtual platform and GeoGather allowed virtual networking and real-time conversations, nothing can replace in-person interactions. GeoConvention 2022 is excited to be back in-person to allow for meaningful conversations and new introductions and for delegates to re-connect. GeoConvention 2022 will host an opening icebreaker after the keynote on Monday, June 20th, 4:30 pm, and a follow-up networking event on the exhibit floor on Tuesday, June 21st, 4:00 pm. The details for associated luncheons are being worked on now, and details for those events will be available soon.

Sponsorship and Exhibits

With all financial support – be it attendance, exhibition, sponsorship or advertising – going not only to help ensure a successful convention, but too, going directly back to our partner societies to help with their education programs and student and community outreach, partnering with GeoConvention is guaranteed to not only return for our supporters but also in the advancement of the geosciences.

GeoConvention will continue to focus on the return our supporters achieve from joining us through sponsorship, exhibition, or both. We are committed to growing, adapting, and building on our successes as we continue to work with all of our supporters to build their brand, market their technology or introduce their workflows to our expected 3,100 attendees.

Sponsorship and Exhibition opportunities are available – contact us for more information.

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