September 19, 2016: Presenter, Ann O’byrne, Msc. (Cenovus Energy)
Improving Seismic Data While Decreasing Costs

Fig. 01
Fig. 02
Volodymyr Vrogov, University of Calgary, thanks sponsors for supporting upcoming EAGE/CSEG Student Chapter events
Fig. 03
L-R: Ann O'Byrne, Karl Mome, and John Parkin, Cenovus


November 21, 2016: Presenter, Mauricio D. Sacchi (Univ. Of Alberta) (2016 CSEG Distinguished Lecturer)
New and Not-So-New Applications of Low-Rank Matrix And Tensor Completion to Seismic Data Processing

Fig. 04
(L-R): CSEG Vice President John Duhault presents the 2016 CSEG Foundation Distinguished Lecturer plaque to Dr. Mauricio Sacchi, who was thanked by the 2011 CSEG Distinguished Lecturer Satinder Chopra (on the right)

Photos by Penny Colton


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