On the afternoon of Wednesday January 6th, the CSEG Foundation sponsored a Volunteer Leadership Training Seminar. Led by Foundation Chair Larry Herd, the session was designed for participants to discuss how to be effective volunteers and leaders. The open, collaborative session allowed participants opportunities to share and discuss their experiences as volunteers, as well as learning new strategies for better managing volunteer groups. The second edition of this seminar was enjoyed by 16 attendees, and many valuable insights were taken away. Participants represented a wide range of volunteer committees both from the CSEG and CSEG Foundation.

The volunteer community is integral in allowing the CSEG and CSEG Foundation to offer so many services. Events like these are designed to further develop our volunteer base and are available to all members. They are opportunities for members to gain skills, earn credit towards APEGA Continuing Professional Development requirements, and are excellent training for future leaders within the CSEG community.

Training Seminar

Two more volunteer leadership training seminars will be taking place in 2016 – one in July and another in September/October. They are appropriate for anyone currently volunteering or interested in volunteering, so sign up!

We would like to thank Larry Herd for volunteering his time to run this event, as well as Chevron for providing a meeting room.


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