The CSEG would like to express our deep appreciation to the following individuals, who have made significant contributions to our profession and community.

Fig. 01

Satinder Chopra:
Roy O. Lindseth CSEG Medal

Beginning with bachelor and master’s degrees in physics, and studying solar cells, Satinder worked for the oil and gas industry in India for many years before making Calgary his home. He has devoted much of his geophysics career to integrated reservoir characterization, including seismic attributes (especially coherence and curvature), restoration of high frequencies, inversion, AVO analysis, and azimuth-based processing for detection of faults. Satinder has co-written or edited books on many of these topics, and has been an inspiring teacher, speaker, volunteer, editor, and distinguished lecturer for geoscience associations. He is a Fellow of Geoscientists Canada, a Fellow of Engineers Canada, and an EAGE Honorary Member. The RECORDER thanks him for his contributions as Chief Editor for the RECORDER and Journal.

Fig. 02

Rick Green:
Honorary Member

Rick Green has made many contributions to geoscience and community outreach. He worked as a geophysicist for Amoco, then Talisman, for 30 years, then took his love of geoscience in a new direction. He worked with the Canmore Museum and Geoscience Centre, as board member and later President. He established and runs the Canadian Rockies Earth Science Resource Centre (CRESRC), also in Canmore.

Through CRESRC, Rick provides geoscience exhibits, a library, and learning programs to students from junior high through university, as well as to new industry employees and the public. In addition, CRESRC provides summer work opportunities for young geoscientists.

Fig. 03

Dr. Rachel Newrick:
Meritorious Service Award

Dr. Rachel Newrick’s service to the geophysical community has been substantial. While working on her PhD in foothills depth migration at the University of Calgary, she collaborated with Larry Lines to revamp the senior geophysical interpretation course and publish a book on the fundamentals of geophysical interpretation, which includes many examples from Western Canada. Subsequently, she worked for Nexen, then Cairn Energy in the UK, advancing to Exploration Manager. Returning to Calgary, she served as the CSEG’s VP, President and Past President, during a time of downturn and change. Rachel is admired for speaking up and challenging the status quo. She is a representative to the SEG Council on Science and Technology, and President of the Canadian Federation of Earth Sciences.

Fig. 04

Amanda Hall:
Technical Achievement Award

Amanda Hall creatively combined her biology and geophysics degrees with 15 years of oil exploration and mining business experience, then taught herself nanotechnology, to develop a new direct lithium extraction process to help meet the world’s need for battery grade end products. In 2018, Amanda founded Summit Nanotech. In 2021, she won the “Women in Cleantech Challenge”, a national program designed to support the creation of impactful clean technology companies founded and run by women. Summit Nanotech received the Solar Impulse Foundation’s Efficient Solution label. Amanda is a long-time member of the CSEG, volunteering as a mentor and also for our Symposium.

Fig. 05

Dr. Elizabeth Atkinson:
Special Commendation Award

Dr. Elizabeth Atkinson has performed skillful and dedicated volunteer work for the CSEG’s RECORDER magazine for five years, and is largely to thank for the magazine’s recent success. In 2017, as Communications Director at a time of great change to our industry, Beth championed and helped implement the RECORDER’s move to being a digital online magazine. This allowed our Executive to further open access to the magazine, increasing the CSEG’s visibility worldwide, while reducing magazine overhead costs. While Communications Director, she took on the new role of Formatting Editor, a role she holds today, that includes many of the project management aspects of publishing an online magazine.

Fig. 06

SeisWare International Inc.:
Special Commendation Award

SeisWare is a Calgary-based software company that started 20 years ago and has supported the CSEG for many years. Sponsorship has included Doodlebug, Doodlespiel, Ski Spree, Junior Geophysicists’ Forum, the T-Wave and WiSE golf tournaments, technical luncheons, Doodletrain, and the Symposium. Seisware has also supported the new generation of geophysicists, as a contributor to the CSEG’s scholarship fund, and as a host to students for the annual Geophysical Industry Field Trip (GIFT). Krista Saunders accepted on behalf of SeisWare.

Shang Huang

Patricia Gavotti:
Outstanding Volunteer Award

Patricia Gavotti, a geophysicist with Canacol Energy, has been a dedicated volunteer for the CSEG for the past ten years. She has contributed greatly to the planning and running of the CSEG’s Doodletrain, a series of courses offered each fall. Patricia has served as committee member, website coordinator, volunteers coordinator, Chair of the Curriculum Committee, and as the 2021 Chair of the Doodletrain Committee. Patricia has also volunteered for Earth Science for Society and as a session chair for GeoConvention.

Henry Posamentier:
Best CSEG Luncheon Talk

Posamentier, H., 2021, Applications of seismic stratigraphy and seismic geomorphology – maximizing the value of 3D seismic data for exploration and production: Presented at CSEG Technical Luncheon Webinar, accessed April 22, 2021; http://

Marcia L. Coueslan, Wade Zaluski, and Brody Loster:
Best RECORDER Article

Coueslan, M., Zaluski, W., and B. Loster, 2021, Risk-based Design of Site Characterization and Measurement, Monitoring, and Verification Plans for Carbon Capture, Utilization, and Storage Projects: CSEG RECORDER, 46, accessed April 22, 2021;

Kristopher Innanen:
Best Oral Presentation, GeoConvention

The smooth and not-so-smooth fitting of machine learning algorithms into a modern seismic inversion project

Daniel Trad:
Best Oral Presentation, Honorable Mention, GeoConvention

Computational aspects of Full Waveform Inversion

Karyna Rodrigues:
Best Oral Presentation, Honorable Mention, GeoConvention

New exploration opportunities revealed with enhanced seismic datasets offshore and onshore Argentina and Peru

Bobby Gunning:
Best Oral Presentation, Honorable Mention, GeoConvention

Predicting microseismic event density during hydraulic fracturing from surface seismic with gradient boosted trees

Michael de Groot and Travis Hobbs:
Best Oral Presentation Honorable Mention, GeoConvention

“Omne trium perfectum” – The Rule of Three: Using microseismic, geochemistry and interference testing to optimize spacing and stacking

Mark Ng:
Best Poster, GeoConvention

6D interpolation determinants

He Liu:
Best Student Poster Honorable Mention, GeoConvention

Acoustic FWI using amplitude encoding strategy


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