The 2018 SEG Conference held in Anaheim, California between October 14-19, 2018, was a great opportunity of all members of the geophysics community to come together. Students and new graduates from multiple universities across Canada were given the opportunity to attend and learn at the conference. Through the various networking opportunities, technical talks, exhibition hall booths and demos, and post-conference activities, this was a week-long experience that greatly increased and improved our network and just-forming careers.

The city of Anaheim was inviting and warm, a nice time to adventure to southwest United States, just as Canada was starting to get cold. With the Anaheim Conference center located very close to Disneyland, the fun and excitement we had all week started strong by arriving at our hotels, passing the entrance to Disneyland. The conference centre had a large exhibition floor, filled with Canadian, American and international companies and societies, showing off their year’s successes and future ambitions. It was inspiring to see all the cutting-edge technology and see the rapid growth of the Geophysics community. There is so much talent and ambition from each company, professional and society that adds to the high international level of geophysics, and it was very evident that Geophysics is strong while walking through the exhibition hall.

A strong feeling that was found in the booths, technical talks and programs is how Geophysics is becoming a leader in the technological community. From the Google Hackathon program, to learning about big data and how it is stored, to learning about new acquisition technology, we were constantly amazed at what our industry is developing. The poster and oral sessions offered an incredible insight into what is currently being developed at research centres and universities throughout the world.

Attending the SEG Annual Meeting is always invigorating and exciting, and we thank the CSEGF to allowing us to learn, experience and thoroughly enjoy our time at SEG 2018. Undoubtedly, we returned to Alberta excited for our newly forming careers, and with a new passion towards the geoscience industry and what may lay ahead for us.


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