2016 BEST CSEG Technical Luncheon Award

September 2016

“Improving Seismic Data While Decreasing Costs”
Ann Obyrne

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2016 Best RECORDER Paper

December 2016

Beyond the Microseismic Clouds: A Comprehensive Approach to Unconventional Gas Development
Jason Hendrick, Adam Baig, Eric von Lunen, and Ted Urbancic


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Honourable Mention:

June 2016

“Simultaneous Acquisition of Distributed Acoustic Sensing VSP with Multi-mode and Single-mode Fiber-optic Cables and 3C-Geophones at the Aquistore CO2 Storage Site”

D. E. Miller (Silixa, LLC), T.M. Daley (Lawrence Berkely National Laboratory), D. White (Geological Survey of Canada, NRCAN), B.M. Freifeld (Lawrence Berkely National Laboratory), M. Robertson (Lawrence Berkely National Laboratory), J. Cocker (Chevron), M. Craven (Chevron)


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