Many volunteers work behind the scenes, ensuring that CSEG initiatives are successful. Those who want to volunteer, or to say thank you to those who do, often don’t know what committees and opportunities exist.

This column aims to bridge those gaps. In addition to the column, the CSEG website will be updated regularly with committee and volunteer information.
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CSEG Ski Spree Committee

You’re heading west, the excited chatter in the back-seat talks only of the recent snow fall, you all look forward to the weekend where you will ski, chat and relax in Fairmont with CSEG colleagues and their families. You will make new contacts and you know that the weekend will be fun regardless of the weather, the conditions, or the results! And, as you head up the winding road to the hot springs, you take a moment to think of the considerable effort by the Ski Spree committee to ensure that friends and families can enjoy a carefree weekend of skiing, socialising and relaxing. Thirteen committee members [Andrew Lane, Roger Bilger, Kelly Zamiski, Alex Gauthier, Michella Pritchard, Craig Melton, Andy Dyke, Geoff Castle, Mathieu Arbour, Estelle Rebel, John Bertsch, Kristof DeMeersman and Jason Crawford] are responsible for running the event in 2016 and we meet three of them below. Find out more about the Ski Spree at

Roger Bilger

Roger Bilger [Past Chairman] has been involved with the CSEG Ski Spree for the past 10 years, started out volunteering at the event and due to his family having so much fun attending he decided to be a part of the committee in 2007. At the 2014 Ski Spree Adam Sly & Andrew Lane approached him thinking he would make a great Chairman for 2015 and after a few cocktails he was convinced! Ski Spree has been going on for close to 50 years, so Roger felt that the dedication from the past Chairman and their committees was going to be a hard act to follow. So when he received a tremendous amount of encouragement from his own committee, volunteers and people within the industry, the 2015 Ski Spree turned out to be a great success even with the tough economy. Roger is consulting with Wolverine Group and Sisma Drilling giving him ample opportunity to stay in touch with industry and to support the CSEG by volunteering with the Ski Spree. His twin boys Kyle and Gage (now 20 years old) and his wife Rigel always ask when they need time off for Ski Spree. Roger reiterates that it is an awesome industry get together and if you haven’t attended then you and your family are really missing out! He encourages our membership to get out and
volunteer at any CSEG event – it will be an immense heart warming feeling!

Andrew Lane

Andrew Lane [2016 Chairman] first volunteered with the CSEG in the late 1990s with the convention and has been volunteering ever since. He especially enjoys the social events of the CSEG as they provide an opportunity to get together with co-workers and colleagues, so it isn’t surprising that he has been heavily involved with both the Doodlebug and Ski Spree (including being Chairman of each). He finds it a good way to give back to the companies that employ us as well as the geophysical community. Although the committee anticipates a tough year this year, Drew sees the Ski Spree as an inexpensive, simple and easy opportunity for families to have a great weekend together. It has been run the same way for years so people know what to expect. As for Drew, on a mid-summer’s Sunday afternoon you’d find him on a Calgary golf course, on a mid-week evening he may be returning from a dog-walk. He has recently travelled to Brazil and to Italy and is currently reading the Star Wars Trilogy, which he doesn’t recommend! He does, however, recommend volunteering with the CSEG – specifically the Ski Spree needs additional volunteers
Attendees are always very appreciative of your help

Michella Pritchard

Michella Pritchard [Sponsorship] has been on the Ski Spree committee since she first started working with Divestco – determining which cars were fastest in the Grand Prix! Given her background in speed, it isn’t surprising that Michella has been heavily involved with the Ski Spree that provides fun family racing for CSEG members. She initially volunteered because she saw how much her kids enjoyed the event – and realized that it wouldn’t happen without volunteers putting time in. So, it almost goes without say that the Ski Spree committee always needs more help from people who can give a little or a lot. They recognize that time is valuable and that even a little goes a long way. When Michella moved to CNRL, the company supported her continued volunteering for the CSEG, which is good because Michella talks so passionately about the Ski Spree. She feels that it is a great event that provides professionals in the industry with an opportunity to get out with their families and enjoy time with colleagues getting to know them on a level beyond the every day at the office. So, she says, step up and volunteer with the CSEG to
be part of something bigger than yourself



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