Thank you to all the readers that noticed there wasn’t a TTI column in January. For those people that submitted announcements for the January issue, I have included them in this issue. Please keep the announcements coming! In this economic climate it is always good to read good news. And you don’t have to have a new job to include your contact information in this column. So if you want people to know how to find you, just send me an announcement.

On the Move...

Divestco Welcomes Craig Joyce to the Sales Team

We are pleased to announce that in October Craig Joyce joined our sales team in the role of Sales Executive for the Software and Data Division. Craig brings several years of sales experience in the Oil & Gas industry, most recently at XI Technologies. We are sure that Craig’s enthusiasm and energy will be a help for Divestco’s clients and prospects.

Nicole Willson has begun a new adventure. She has entered the world of small business with her own company, Pen & Trace Geoservices ( Nicole provides geophysics freelancing, technical writing and editing, and software testing services. She hopes to build upon the experience that she gained at Associated Geoscience Consultants, PennWest Energy, JuneWarren-Nickle’s Energy Group, GEDCO, and Schlumberger. Thanks to all of Nicole’s former coworkers, everyone who have given her career and/or business advice, and OptiSeis Solutions.

Kelly Zamiski is proud to announce that he has recently joined the great team at Maxam Seismic Explosives as a seismic sales representative in the Calgary branch. Kelly brings several years of relevant experience to the position, and has a strong approach to business. He can be reached at 403-818-4145, or via email at

After 8 years working as a senior geophysicist with Shell Canada, researching North American unconventional resource plays, Rob Holt can now be contacted at or 403-370-1821. Rob, a current technical editor of the CSEG RECORDER, is actively seeking a new technical or leadership position in our industry where he can continue to add value.

Vic Urban and Darrel Jackson would like to let all their clients, associates, industry peers and friends know that they have taken on the position of Seismic Consultant at Divestco. Darrel’s contact information is: cell (403) 850-4033 and email Vic’s cell (403) 819-0103 and email We both look forward to this new opportunity and welcome all calls and enquiries.

In interesting times like these people are embarking on new paths.

Our company GeoVectra Ltd., formed last year, is a good example of this.

We took over several decades of experience and work and transformed them into a new, robust concept perfectly tailored to the current economic climate.

We offer:

  • High Resolution processing of plains data, conventional/unconventional
  • Structural Land Imaging PSTM/PSDM 2D-3D
  • Marine Imaging PSTM/PSDM
  • Well log guided interpretive processing, including elastic modeling for AVO
  • Acquisition feasibility studies including 3D simulations and modeling
  • Modeling 1D, 2D & 3D
  • Land and OBC multicomponent modeling and processing (2C/3C/4C)
  • Geophysical hazards identification (seismic and non-seismic)

We are a dynamic group with over 100 years of combined expertise in seismic processing, imaging, inversion and all listed above.

We would be happy to apply all this knowledge and our personable boutique yet productively focussed approach to your data.

For more information please visit our website:

Please contact us at: 403-852-3038.



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