Happy Autumn! The CSEG Annual General Meeting was recently held via zoom, and I was one of over 60 members who logged in to hear how the Society has fared during the COVID downturn and what we can expect going-forward. I was struck by the resilience of the Executive and their forward-thinking realism. Do we have a lot of challenges? Absolutely. With the pandemic, in-person events have been cancelled, however, the educational committees have adapted to virtual learning and flourished. Virtual Luncheons are being held… and, you get to eat whatever you want. The Symposium in honour of Lee Hunt was delivered over two mornings, and featured many of the aspects of in-person events. The GeoConvention was able to be accessed from the comfort of your home/office and still had a full session, poster and ice breaker complement… and even the CSEG Challenge Bowl was able to be held. The DoodleTrain is set to run virtually as well. The 2020/21 Canadian Distinguished Lecture Tour will also be held virtually as well, and will be rolled out to universities across Canada. The CSEG is still creating value for its members. I will admit that I feel the absence of our social programs (and seeing your lovely faces in person), but the focus on education and technical innovations has been refreshing.

If you have any personal, company or industry news, please send me an email: tti@csegrecorder.com or call at (403) 585-5204.

Celebrating Excellence

The CSEG 2019 Award winners were announced at the Symposium. It’s an absolute privilege to know these people and professionals. Our society couldn’t operate without dedication and leadership like these winners share with our membership.

Marissa Whittaker, Meritorious Service Award Recipient. Marissa has most recently served as the chair of Earth Science for Society (ESfS) and has displayed tremendous leadership steering the committee through extremely difficult times. Marissa has also been on several other CSEGF Committees.

Jeff Gautreau, Meritorious Service Award Recipient. Jeff is one of the key go-to people that the Society relies on to help our committees and events run smoothly. Since 2005, Jeff has been involved with the Convention Committee (2005), the Recorder (2005-2006), JGF (2005-2009), WiSE Golf Tournament (2010), T-Wave (2009-2014), the Silent Auction (2009-2011), Seismic in Motion (2009-2015) and the CSPG Road Race (2009-2018).

Andrea Crook, President, Optiseis Solutions Ltd., Technical Achievement Award Recipient. Andrea’s approach to survey design epitomizes the acquisition best practices experts have been promoting since the 1970s, namely design better surveys based on the geophysics, collaborate with all participants (interpreters, processors, field crews) to achieve project goals, and share knowledge on what geophysics can and cannot do. Andrea has been developing and testing new design methods in collaboration with clients, publishing what is learned, and now teaching courses at the DoodleTrain and the SEG.

Ruth Peach, Special Commendation Award Recipient. Ruth was awarded this commendation for her outstanding dedication to the RECORDER Committee, and her efforts in securing advertisers for the online RECORDER and printed GeoConvention edition.

Canadian Natural Resources Ltd., and Neil Orr, Chief Geophysicist (receiving award on behalf of CNRL ), Special Commendation Award Recipient. CNRL has annually sent several employees to events like the DoodleTrain, the Symposium, Technical Luncheons and the GeoConvention. Their active participation in CSEG events has helped maintain the financial viability of the events and in turn, contribute to the overall success of the CSEG. CNRL’s Chief Geophysicist, Neil Orr, has been the major force behind having their employees attend the CSEG’s professional development opportunities, showcasing their commitment to the advancement of geophysics.

On the Move...

Chelsea Squires would like to let her friends and colleagues know that she has accepted a role with CNRL, and may now be reached at chelsea.squires@cnrl.com.

Corporate Grapvevine...

SamiGeo Consulting – Satinder Chopra

As is often said, ‘Variety is the spice of life’. Having gained significant experience in the oil and gas industry, first working for a national oil company in India, then for a bunch of service companies in Calgary, Canada, I have decided to venture out on my own now. Today, with great pleasure, pride, and excitement, I announce the launch of my own new company SamiGeo Consulting Ltd. - the seismic reservoir company, located at 9062 Scurfield Drive, NW, Calgary. Joining me in this new venture is my long-time group member and buddy, Dr. Ritesh Kumar Sharma, who has proven his dedication and expertise in characterizing subsurface reservoirs over the last many years.

Pertaining to our work culture, if the existing workflows do not work for a desired outcome in any reservoir characterization exercise, we have had a tradition of customizing newer workflows, tailor-made for the objectives at hand. We are committed to bringing advanced technique applications to your data yielding exciting results that can help you all make more favorable business decisions. This aspect of our professional service may be gauged from some of our recent publications that are available at www.samigeo.com/publications.

We will sincerely offer our clients the best and a wide range of product services to choose from. The topics for the various services as well as other relevant information about our company may be found at www.samigeo.com. If there is interest in knowing or learning more about the range of our product services, please contact me at Satinder.Chopra@samigeo.com.



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