Happy New Year! I am writing this column on New Year’s Day, and thinking about what is happening in the oil patch:

  1. Pro-pipeline rallies are happening more and more in size and frequency in communities across western Canada;
  2. 64% of Canadians want TMX construction to begin in 2019 which includes 60% in BC, 87% in Alberta, 70% in Ontario, but just 41% in Quebec (Hislop, 2019);
  3. 56% believe TMX construction will begin in 2019 (Hislop, 2019);
  4. There’s a growing convoy of trucks heading to Ottawa in support of the oil patch;
  5. New Brunswick Premier wants to bring back Energy East;
  6. People want Canada to participate sensibly in the energy markets and at the same time they want progress in the fight against climate change. They also believe in the need for a shift to renewables (Hislop, 2019).

It seems there are changes in how Canadians are seeing oil and gas. Hopefully this translates into changes and allowing the building of pipelines which may attract foreign investment and re-growth in our oil and gas industry.

There are some positive things that we did not see before, and that is Alberta is not alone with other Canadians supporting the oil industry and it is surprising to see how many support TMX construction.

If you have any personal, company or industry news, please send me an email (and please note the change in address) to: kristy.manchul@katalystdm.com or call at (403) 585-5204.

Socially Speaking...

2019 CSEG Doodlespiel
January 18 - 20, 2019

We are pleased to announce that the event nearly full. Please remember that your registration is not complete until we have received your waiver and fees. When the main/competitive draw has been filled with teams who have completed registration, teams requesting the main event will be placed into the recreational draw. A waitlist will be created when both draws have been filled. You will be notified after the close of registration, December 15th, where your team stands.

Although registration timing and years of experience will be taken into account, if you wish to guarantee your team's placement in the event, please contact Tacita Schmid (tschmid@outlierresources. com) or Fabio Marson (fabio.marson@haliburton.com) to learn more about sponsorship opportunities that include team placement.

Not interested in curling? For just $75 come join the party and cheer on your favorite teams as a social member. This includes the Friday night dinner/ party, pin for pub and club entrances without line or cover, a great tournament gift, a drink ticket and access to discounted hotel rates. For information visit the https://cseg.ca/social/doodlespiel

Join us for the 1st Annual CSEG New Year Kick-off Social
February 6, 2019

Time: 4pm – 9pm
Where: The Unicorn Celtic Cellar
Cost: $30.00 Tickets will be on sale early 2019! Stay tuned for more details.

52nd Annual CSEG Family Ski Spree
February 8-10, 2019

A weekend of fun for the whole family including ski and snowboard races, a kids' obstacle course, crafts, games, a scavenger hunt and other activities for children of all ages. Families can also visit the resort and hotel hot tubs.

Adults will enjoy seeing lots of new and old friends while participating in the many social events of the weekend as the geophysical industry comes to Fairmont, British Columbia. Go to www.csegskispree.com for registration information.

Technically Speaking...

Earth Science for Society – Call for Volunteers

We are pleased to announce that the CSEG Foundation will be hosting the 9th annual Earth Science for Society (ESfS) exhibition March 17-19, 2019 at Stampede Park, Calgary. We are very grateful for all our wonderful volunteers who help us to deliver a unique and effective learning experience to school children, youth groups and the public. We would like to invite you, your friends, and your colleagues to volunteer for the next exhibition in 2019. Volunteer registration began on September 1st, 2018. Sign up here: esfscanada.com/volunteers/

We would greatly appreciate if you could let us know of any organization that may contribute to ESfS as an exhibitor or sponsor, and provide us with the contact information. esfscanada.com/contact-us/

2019 Symposium

The Symposium Committee has named the late Roy Lindseth as their honouree for the 2019 Symposium which will be held in March 12th, 2019. Each year the Symposium honours one or more notable CSEG members, and the themes of the talks presented will relate to the work of the Honouree(s). In 2019, in honour of Roy, the Symposium will feature the theme of "On the Shoulders of Giants".

Please go to https://cseg.ca/symposium/ for updates as they become available.

The format is a one-day, single session event, with lunch included. In order to attract case studies, there will be no published papers related to the work shown. Featured speakers will present by invitation only.

A highlight of the lunch will be the annual CSEG awards ceremony, with the outstanding achievements of the society's members honoured. Tickets for the lunch only will also be available.

The 2019 CSEG Symposium promises to be a highlight of the year, and a not-to-miss event for CSEG members!



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