A few months ago I shared a silly joke with the RECORDER readers I had some positive feedback. So I thought I would share another bit of humour.

My friend David had a problem last week. He lost his ID. So now we just call him Dave.

This is the last RECORDER until September. I wish everyone a safe and enjoyable summer. I will be collected submissions for this column through the summer so please remember to send your announcements in.

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On the Move...

Petro-Explorers Inc., a company started by Azer Mustaqeem, P.Geoph and Dr. Valentina Baranova almost seven years ago, is pleased to share following news about our continued growth.

We welcome Mr. William (Bill) A. Silk as a Technical Advisor to our management team. Mr. Silk has over 40 years of experience as a successful oil and gas finder. He held various geophysical and managerial positions in companies ranging from start-ups to large integrated public companies.

Petro-Explorers also added Operations Geology division to its core businesses headed by Mohammad Mumtaz Irfan as Manager Operations Geology. Irfan carries 20 years of extensive global experience in well operations and well site geology and has been providing these services in WCSB for last 15 years. Irfan can be reached at +1 403.585.7601 or by e-mail irfan@petroexplorers.com.

In addition, Raza Siddiqui also joined the Petro-Explorers team as Senior Geologist. Raza brings 12 years of experience in exploration geology, license management, basin analysis, prospect generation and evaluation and will contribute to our worldwide services. Raza can be reached at +1 587.582.9730 or by e-mail raza@petroexplorers.com.

Petro-Explorers Inc. provides geological and geophysical services for exploration companies. We specialize in neural network applications, seismic facies analysis, sequence stratigraphy, acoustic/ elastic inversions, AVO/LMR and AVAZ, and multi-attribute unconventional technologies. We have focused versatile team with worldwide experience (North America, East and Central Africa, Middle East, South America and South Asia) in exploration reinforced by strong alliance with Absolute Imaging that creates a quality-driven and result oriented exploration approach to integrated reservoir characterization.

Jody Jones is thrilled to have joined PEO Canada here in Calgary as a Business Consultant. Jody was formerly with Schlumberger Canada.

Please feel free to reach out to me at 403-444-0062 and/or Jody.Jones@peocanada.com.

I would like to thank PEO Canada for this exciting opportunity.

About PEO Canada:

Whether you are looking to start operations for the first time in Canada, looking to acquire a business in Canada, or looking to grow an existing business in Canada, PEO Canada’s human resources teams provide Canadian compliant HR solutions.

Synterra Technologies LTD. is pleased to announce the grand opening of its Brisbane office in February 2016. The office will serve Australia and Oceania for all Seismic Project Management needs. Please refer to our website www.synterratech.com.au for more information.

Mark Kneipp joins Synterra Technologies LTD. as Vice-President Exploration in Australia with over 12 years’ continuous seismic experience. Mark has a CV that includes work in most onshore basins in Australia and has worked in the Middle East. His roles have ranged from Party Chief, Bird Dog, and most recently was a Project Manager for a major Australian Oil and Gas Company.



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