I am always on the lookout for a restaurant where you can get a sandwich and salad that isn’t your standard BLT and green salad. I am also a brewed iced tea fan and that isn’t easy to find in Calgary. I found everything at a new restaurant called Velvet Café. It is located on Fourth Street and 25th Avenue in Red Cap corner. For long term Calgary residents it is across the street from the old Caruzzo’s Pizza. They roast their own turkey and brisket for sandwiches and have menu items such as Black Angus Beef Stew, Chicken and Leak Stew, Coconut Curry Chicken over Ginger and Lemon Grass Rice. They have a wide variety of soups including Mushroom Truffle, Spinach and Bacon and Carrot and Ginger. I am a fan of their Quinoa salads. They have a hot luncheon special each day as well. And they have a great selection of loose teas that can served iced. They are a deli as well so everything is available to take home. The young couple that run it are very friendly and passionate about serving good food. Drop in for a bite, and if you enjoy Velvet as much as I do, please drop me a line and let me know.


Matteo Niccoli is back from Norway and has recently joined ConocoPhillips Canada as a Geophysical specialist in the Exploration Services group. Matteo can be reached by phone at 403.233.4148 and by email at matteo.niccoli@conocophillips.com.

SeisWare is pleased to announce the recent appointment of Carlee Panylyk as Calgary Senior Account Manager. Carlee is an accomplished business development and client services professional with nine years’ experience in various advisory roles.

She joins SeisWare from PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) where she managed client services and implemented business development strategy. Prior to that, Carlee worked with a pocketbook of regional and international Fortune 500 clients on marketing and communication strategy.

Carlee looks forward to working with our clients to ensure SeisWare is meeting their interpretation needs. For more information, please contact Carlee at 403.218.8026 or cpanylyk@seisware.com.

Synterra Technologies is pleased to announce that Adam Thatcher has joined their team as Manager of Business Development/Marketing. Adam’s background is Geology and began his career as a Petrophysicist for a large service company. He spent many years all over the WCSB conducting wireline and horizontal logging solutions on the rigs. The last few years he was in a business development role and is excited to move into the Geophysics industry via Synterra. He can be contacted at adam@synterratech.com or mobile 403-978-8100.

Cameron Fink is pleased to announce that he has relocated to Sydney, Australia and is the Chief Geophysicist for Bridgeport Energy Limited. Bridgeport has a number of petroleum leases and exploration permits within the Cooper-Eromanga Basin and the Bowen-Surat Basin in the Australian states of Queensland and South Australia, as well as permits in the Otway Basin in Victoria state between the cities of Melbourne and Adelaide. Cameron will be responsible for oil and gas exploration and production development in several properties as well as directing all geophysically oriented operations for the company.



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