We had the pleasure of attending the Doodlespiel at the end of January. My husband Kelly was curling and I was the team groupie. A big Thank You to Brian Lau, Warren Young and Jeremy Anderson. It was an honour to cheer for your team.

I also want to congratulate the Doodlespiel committee. I am always amazed at the amount of work that goes into organizing this event and how smoothly it runs. Well done.


David Mackie is pleased to announce that he has taken the role of Exploration General Manager and Board Member of Qarun Petroleum (an Apache Egypt Joint Venture Company) in Cairo Egypt as of June 2012. David has 28 years of experience both overseas and in Canada. Qarun Petroleum is a joint venture between Apache Corporation and the Egyptian General Petroleum Company. David is responsible for the G&G aspects of the exploration program and the 100 development wells Qarun drills every year.

He still loves living in Cairo despite the recent issues.

Nigel Goody is pleased to announce that he has started a new position as a Senior Geophysicist at Rife Resources Ltd. You can reach Nigel at 403-221-0822, or ngoody@rife.com.


Many members and companies in our community give tirelessly to worthwhile charities. In this portion of the column, readers have a chance to share information and raise awareness about the charities that they support. CS


Raised more than 5,000 Food Items for The Calgary Food Bank

Rather than giving out Christmas gifts this year, Divestco decided to help those in need in a unique and engaging way. In addition to making a cash donation, we donated hundreds of pounds of food to The Calgary Food Bank, all of which was gathered and purchased by employees as they enthusiastically took part in our first-ever Food Bank Sculpture Contest.

We enjoyed amazing team spirit as more than half our staff members participated, and the creativity and resourcefulness displayed was inspiring as various teams of ten strategized, gathered Food Bank items, built their sculptures, and developed a creative environment in which to present their sculptures to really wow the judges. Some time was also spent by the more competitive teams “warming up” the judges with homemade baking and other tasty treats!

On November 27th, Gil Tucker with Global-TV even came by and featured our Food Bank sculptures on their 6:00 p.m. Global News Hour.

In the end, The Calgary Food Bank and the families it serves benefited most of all, and they were thrilled to receive our hundreds of pounds of food items and our cash donation.

Divestco was delighted to support such a worthy cause and we’re all looking forward to turning this into an annual event!

Fig. 01
Some highlights from the Divestco Food Bank Sculpture Contest



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