It has certainly been an eventful summer. During the flood crisis I joined Twitter. People had suggested that I join, but I didn't think I would find it of value. I thought the same when I joined LinkedIn and once again I was wrong. Last year I ended up being in the top 1% of the most viewed profiles on LinkedIn. So I decided to be open to another aspect of social media. Getting updates on Twitter in real time is definitely of value. I was pleased to find that many members of our community are on Twitter. I would like to thank Evan Bianco (@EvanBianco) and Matteo Niccoli (@My_Carta) for all their help and suggestions on who to follow. I would also like to invite people to follow me. (@carmenswalwell) I would also like to note the CSEG is on LinkedIn and Twitter (@csegonline).


Nassir Saeed from Crewes has joined Ikon Science in Calgary as a Senior Quantitative Interpretation Specialist. Nassir has 2 MSc’s in Geophysics and is going to lead our QI team in Calgary focusing on rock physics, time lapse analysis and QI-driven seismic reservoir characterization. Nassir can be reached at or 403-604-1666.

Sam Green and Alvin Chen have recently joined Ikon Science. Dr. Sam Green has a PhD from the University of Manchester and has relocated to Canada as a lead Geologist from our Durham office. Sam is a specialist in pressure analysis and prediction and will be working on international and onshore pressure projects. Sam can be contacted at or 403-681-9980. Alvin holds a Masters degree in Solid Geophysics and is managing our RokDoc software technology. Alvin manages our software evaluations and client support. He can be contacted at or 403-689-2609.

Andrew Kuran is happy to announce that after 5 years at MEG Energy’s Christina Lake project he is moving up the basin to work on the Primrose assets for Cenovus Energy. Andrew can be reached by email at or phone at 403-766-5006.

Randall Chodzicki is pleased to let people know has been employed at Husky Energy as a Senior Geophysicist since November 2012.

Elaine Honsberger, P. Geoph., FEC (Hon.), is pleased to announce her recent move to Husky Energy as Chief Geophysicist. Husky is a very active company with operations in Western Canada, NWT, Heavy Oil, Oil Sands, Atlantic Canada and Asia. We have 45 geophysicists in Calgary alone, and 60 across the organization who collectively have a remarkable range of geophysical industry expertise. Elaine is both proud and excited to be part of this impressive company, and she is looking forward to continuing to strengthen the Husky Geophysical Community. You can reach Elaine at

Alex Daum recently completed a BSc in Geophysics from the University of Calgary. Alex is born and raised in this great city and is excited to begin his career and start giving back to the community that has been an influence on him his entire life. He has been at TAQA for over a year now working PT while in school, however he just signed a FT contract for 1 year doing a half petrophysicist, half geophysicist role in hopes of learning and practicing high end geophysics work. He can be contacted at

Paul Anderson has transferred back to the Great White North from the Great Southern Land. After almost 3 years in Perth, WA working offshore prospects, he has returned to Apache Canada, this time working with the Central Plains team. You can reach Paul at 403-261-1290 or paul.anderson@

Arcis Seismic Solutions is pleased to announce that Mohammad (Hossein) Nemati has joined our team in the role of Geoscientist. Hossein holds two Master’s degrees in Petroleum Exploration Engineering and Integrated Petroleum Geosciences, and has seven years of industry experience in reservoir characterization. Hossein will help drive and support Arcis’ geoscience initiatives, with responsibility for multiclient geoscience studies in the western hemisphere. He can be reached at or 403-781-1443.

Arcis is pleased to welcome Naomi Storey to our team in the role of Sales Representative. Naomi has over ten years of sales and client service experience including recent posts at RECON and Edge Technologies. She looks forward to serving Arcis’ clients and can be reached at or 403-781-1427.

Geophysical Service Incorporated COO and Chairman Paul Einarsson was recently recognized for his service on the Board of Governors – Alberta (Finance Chair) with Canadian Federation of Independent Business at the National CFIB meeting June 6th, 2013 in Toronto. He served the full term allowable saying, “I was proud to serve for my six year limited term as the chairman of the finance committee and represent Alberta on the board of a truly amazing organization and to associate with inspiring Canadian entrepreneurs from across Canada struggling against harmful government policies AND PROMOTING FAIR AND PRO BUSINESS POLICIES.”

Fig. 01
Paul receiving gift of appreciation from left to right: Dan Kelly, CFIB President and CEO, CFIB Chair, Board of Governors Catherine Swift, and GSI COO and Chairman Paul Einarsson.



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