Happy New Year! People often ask me what is the benefit of putting an announcement in this column? The first and most important reason is to share your contact information with the industry. The other reason is that you can show your parents, children, siblings or anyone else your name in print! I have had feedback parents are quite impressed. If you have a new baby, a birth announcement with a picture is a great memento for a baby book. So this is my sales job for the year!


Terra-Sine Resources Ltd. proudly welcomes the addition of two prominent new staff members:

Angela Lau has accepted a full time position as our Regulatory Approvals Manager and will manage all aspects of the regulatory approvals process from program inception to completion. Angela’s expertise encompasses seismic exploration approval applications, third party notifications, third party agreements and final plan submissions.

Angela can be reached via email at angelal@terra-sine.com or phone at 403-294-1035.

Gordon de Souza joins Terra-Sine as our GIS Mapping Specialist. Gordon has 20+ years mapping experience on seismic projects throughout Western Canada. Gordon has extensive experience in G.I.S. mapping and in building and maintaining databases and will be responsible for the preparation of required mapping for all stages of our seismic projects, inclusive of notifications, preliminary and final plan government submissions as well as creation of data bases for increased mapping functionality.

Gordon can be reached via email at gordond@terra-sine.com or phone at 403-387-0771.

Terra-Sine Resources Ltd. is very pleased to be able to complement our staff with the addition of these two key staff members.

Earth Signal Processing Ltd., an industry leader in seismic data processing, is pleased to announce that Kurt Mulhall (Geoph.I.T.) has joined the ESP team in the capacity of Processor. Kurt graduated from the University of Calgary with his B.Sc., Geophysics, in 2012. Kurt can be reached at 403-264-8722, ext. 230, or by email at kurt@earthsignal.com. ESP has been processing seismic data with our 100% proprietary SeisRightTM since 1993. Our highly trained staff of Geophysicists specialize in 3D Merge projects.

Arcis Seismic Solutions is pleased to welcome Domenic Raimondi to our team in the role of 3D Design Specialist. Domenic has 8 years of experience in the seismic industry, including data processing and field operations. He most recently held the position of Geophysical Data Processor at CGGVeritas. Domenic can be reached at draimondi@ arcis.com or 403-781-1713.

Michael Doerksen would like to announce he is the new seismic processing manager for Reservoir Imaging. Reservoir Imaging is a growing seismic firm focused on setting new standards in high performance borehole seismic acquisition and processing. He can he contacted at mdoerksen@reservoirimaging.com or 403-724-9344.

Mohammed Al-Ibrahim is pleased to announce that he has joined Geomodeling Technology Corp. (www.geomodeling.ca) in the role of Geophysicist, supporting AttributeStudio™ and other software products. He graduated from University of Calgary in 2007 with a B.Sc. in Geophysics and has two years of industry experience, including seismic interpretation, processing, and acquisition. Geomodeling provides advanced software and expert services for quantitative seismic interpretation and reservoir characterization using process-based modeling. Mohammed can be reached at 403-698-8394 and mohammed.alibrahim @geomodeling.com.

Brian Sondergaard, P. Geo. has joined West Valley Energy Corp. as Exploration Manager. You can reach Brian at 403- 984-9596, Cell: 403-850-4591 or brian@wvecorp.com.

Guide Exploration Ltd. merged with WestFire Energy Ltd. to create Long Run Exploration Ltd. as of Oct 23, 2012. New contact information is:

Mantu Sihota, P. Geoph.
403-716-3202 (direct)
403-519-3266 (cell)

Kevin Frankiw, P Geoph.
403-261-9292 (direct)
403-813-3262 (cell)

Dan Cieslewicz
Senior Geophysicist
403-716-1332 (direct)

Steven Hill, C. Tech.
Senior Geophysical Technologist
403-261-9286 (direct)
403-850-6636 (cell)

Moving on Up...

Edge Technologies Inc. is pleased to announce that effective November 1st, 2012, Jason Noble has been appointed President of Edge Technologies Inc.. Garry Kelman, Past- President and CEO, will remain as Chief Executive Officer.

Jason has been Operations Manager of Edge Technologies for 10 years, and has vast experience in 2D and 3D processing of on-shore seismic data from all over the globe. He is highly experienced in: 2D and 3D prestack time migration, 2D and 3D merge, land, transition zone, offshore merging, OBC, 2D depth and complex structure (2D and 3D). We are confident in Jason’s abilities to successfully steer Edge Technologies into its second decade of operations.

Edge Technologies is a Calgary, Alberta based company, specializing in on-shore seismic processing for the oil and gas industry in Canada and around the world. Edge Technologies: a leader in seismic processing technology.

For further information, contact:

Jason Noble, President

Garry Kelman, CEO

403-770-0440 (main office)



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