This month I would like to tell you about a wonderful restaurant that we recently visited. The Laurier Lounge in the Beltline District. Their speciality is fondue, and it was indeed special! They have a varied menu and we will be back in the near future to sample some of the tapas. Their website is It is a very popular place so I suggest you make reservations. Or visit on a Sunday night when their fondue menu is on special. You won’t be disappointed!

We were on a cruise for three weeks in April. When we returned I had hundreds of emails. So if I missed any announcements, I apologize. Let me know and I will be sure to include your announcement in the June issue.


Fugro-Kelman Seismic Imaging is very pleased to welcome Johannes Grimm to our expanding team, as Senior Research Programmer. He holds a B.Sc. degree in Mathematics from the University of Calgary and has 10 years of seismic processing experience from basins around the world. Johannes can be reached at 403-294-3684, or:

Arcis Seismic Solutions is pleased to announce that Graziella Kirtland Grech has joined our team in the position of Vice President, Processing & Reservoir Services. Graziella holds a PhD in Exploration Geophysics from the University of Calgary, and has over 15 years of technical and managerial industry experience in Canada and overseas. She comes to us from CGGVeritas where she recently held the positions of VP, Geomarket Director for Canada & Alaska, and Multicomponent Technology Manager. Graziella can be reached at or 403-781-1718.

Acceleware is pleased to welcome Dr. Yilong Qin to their seismic products team. Yilong joins Acceleware as a Geophysical Researcher and will be involved in research and development of the Reverse Time Migration, finite-difference modeling and other high-performance algorithms. Yilong has over five years of research experience and a Ph.D degree in seismology from Institut de Physique du Globe de Paris (IPGP) and joins the Acceleware team from Petroleum Geo-Services Company (PGS). Yilong can be contacted at 403-249-9099.

Acceleware provides high performance software solutions for the geophysics industry and HPC consulting services for optimizing applications to fully exploit the performance of multi-core GPUs and CPUs. Acceleware’s seismic imaging software libraries support RTM-TTI, KTM and CSEM. Acceleware provides professional training services for multicore programming in CUDA, OpenCL and MPI.

Maggie Stratton is pleased to announce that she has taken a new position with GranTierra Energy working in Peru. She started January 9th and works primarily on Peru projects. She can be reached at 403-265-3221 X2280 or maggiestratton

Kendall Rogers has joined Thrust Belt Imaging as a Senior Processing Geophysicist. He will be getting back to his roots working on international complex-structure projects and is excited to gain depth imaging experience. Demand for TBI’s data-processing services continues to grow from a variety of compressional basins, from the Andes to the Himalayas and Zagros mountain ranges. This growth necessitates the addition of a strong technical processor like Kendall, who will play a key role in TBI’s continued growth. You can reach Kendall at

Absolute Imaging Inc., a seismic data processing company based in Calgary, is pleased to announce two new additions to the Absolute team:

Samo Cilensek (M.Sc. Geophysics) joins us as a Processing Manager and will be responsible for managing processing projects as well as providing technical expertise. Samo will be involved in developing new technologies and will play a role in developing Absolute’s brand both domestically and internationally. Samo can be reached at or 403-209-6854.

Letitia Peckford (B.Sc. Geophysics) joins us as a Senior Processing Geophysicist and will be responsible for the processing of both land and marine 2D/3D projects. Letitia can be reached at or 403-806-6735.

Terra-Sine Resources Ltd. is pleased to welcome Jason Crawford as the new Marketing Manager. Jason brings over 15 years professional experience and specializes in marketing, account management and customer relations. His ability to remain a top marketing professional over the years is a testament to his character and the quality of his relationships.

Jason considers himself a true Calgarian, despite being born out of province and playing professional hockey in Europe for many years. The unique combination of Jason’s professional experience, in both account management and sport, has sharpened his ability to please a crowd. If you are seeking a quality experience in planning your next seismic project please contact Jason Crawford at or office 403-387-0771 or cell: 403-630-8838.

I received the following new job announcement and birth announcement from Victor Irwin, Pinnacle-A Halliburton Service. CS

I would like to thank Divestco for the 5+ years of fun. I really enjoyed representing their software and working with a great group of people during that time. In October of 2011 my wife and I became the proud parents of twin boys. (Nathan & Matthew) Things on the home front were initially a little crazy; but had settled down enough by January of this year that I made the move to Pinnacle – A Halliburton Service. Pinnacle provides industry-unique integration of microseismic, tiltmeter, and fiber optic technologies to maximize completion efficiency and production economics. It was Pinnacle’s unique combination of fracture and reservoir consulting services, award-winning fracture diagnostic and reservoir monitoring technologies that made this a easy decision. One can’t help but notice that impacts of technology on our industry. Being closer to the Frac just made sense for my career. I am really enjoying my time with Pinnacle. The exposure to their monitoring technology has been rejuvenating… with the sleep deprivation I am experiencing I need rejuvenating.



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