I hope you had a wonderful summer, we certainly did. We spend some time in Birch Bay, Washington. It is a lovely little resort town just across the US border. It reminded me a lot of Sylvan Lake in the 70s. Both Kelly and I would highly recommend it for a visit. We were then off to Salt Spring Island for a couple of weeks. While enjoying the Ganges market one Saturday morning, we ran into Pat McKenny (Fugro-Kelman Seismic Imaging) and his wife Terri! It seems like whenever Kelly and I go on vacation we run into someone from the CSEG community. We like it. We are going to Arizona in October so maybe we will run into someone there.

I also would like to thank Bart Iverson (Divestco). Divestco had a draw at their booth during the convention in May. You had to fold your entry into a paper airplane and fly it into a drum. Well… I couldn’t get my paper airplane to fly! How embarrassing! But Bart came to my rescue. Thank you Bart!



Arcis is pleased to welcome Luis Lugo to our team in the role of Geophysical Advisor – Business Development South America. Luis comes to us with 29 years of combined experience in acquisition, processing, and time/depth imaging of 2D/3D land and marine seismic data. Most recently, Luis worked at Divestco as Senior Geophysical Advisor, and has served as Senior Geophysicist for companies in South America, the UK, and Canada. Luis will be responsible for regional business development and representation in support of our South American activities, and will be leading our processing and reservoir services business in the region.

Changjun Zhang would like to let his friends know he is now with SeaBird Exploration Americas as the manager of research and development. He enjoys the cold winter in Calgary and also the hot summer in Houston. He always can be reached by email at changjun.zhang@gmail.com.

Absolute Imaging Inc., a seismic data processing company based in Calgary, is pleased to announce that Dr. Jianhua Pan has joined our team as a Senior R&D Software Developer. Jianhua’s extensive time & depth imaging software development expertise and 11 years of experience make him a welcome addition to the Absolute Software Development team. Jianhua can be reached at jianhua@absoluteimaging.ca or 403.806.6732.

Direct Digital Online Inc., a subsidiary of Absolute Imaging Inc., is pleased to announce two new additions to the DDO team. Andre Vallieres has joined as a Data Transcription Operator and can be reached at andre@direct-digital.com or 403.265.6886 and Jose Mejia has joined as a Data Management Technologist and can be reached at jose@direct-digital.com or 403.265.6886. Direct Digital Online Inc. offers comprehensive and diverse seismic data services including disaster recovery, reproduction, data brokerage and data management.

Divestco Inc. would like to welcome the following new junior geophysicist hires to its growing Seismic Processing team.

  • Renita Aranha
  • Akshay Gulati
  • Pierre Lyons
  • Shah Tajik
  • Blayne Wagemakers

These new grads are currently undergoing Divestco’s thorough processing training program and learning valuable skills from our experienced team. Contact Divestco’s Processing team at (587) 952 8000 or processing.info@divestco.com.

Nilanjan Ganguly is now working at Canacol Energy Ltd. He can be reached at 403-767-4079 and by e-mail at nganguly@canacolenergy.com.

Ashley Krakowka is happy to announce her move to Cenovus Energy. With 5 years of experience in seismic interpretation, acquisitions and horizontal drilling, she has worked on plays including the Mannville, Bakken, Birdbear, and Lower Shaunavon in the WCSB. She can be contacted at (403) 766-3251 or by email at Ashley.Krakowka@ cenovus.com

Beverly Bridger has relocated to New Plymouth, New Zealand to take a posting as Geophysical Technologist for Greymouth Petroleum Ltd. www.greymouthpetroleum.co.nz Life down under in New Plymouth is quiet and laid back compared to Calgary and winter weather is much like a cold stormy day summer at home except for the humidity which can be compared to Vancouver. I have affiliated myself with two Scouts group in the suburbs of Waitara and Fitzroy so I am meeting new people and making new friends. Missing the Rockies but have Mount Taranaki on the horizon (on clear days of course) when I drive to work which is quite spectacular. The city of Auckland is about a 4 hour drive which is visited frequently by many locals so hopefully I will get up there for some sight seeing as the weather warms for summer. Keeping busy at work and setting up a new household fills most days and when you can pick grapefruit and lemons in your very own back yard it tough to find something to complain about!

CGGVeritas is pleased to announce the addition of Hassan Odhwani. Hassan joined fulltime in the second week of July 2011 and will be part of the Multicomponent Processing Group. He can be reached at 403-205-6186 or Hassan.Odhwani@cggveritas.com

ION Geophysical/ GX Technology Canada Ltd. is pleased to announce these recent additions to their SPAN processing team:

Anson Eng comes to ION as a Team Leader, with 17 years of processing experience. He can be reached at 403-213-8782 or Anson.Eng@iongeo.com.

Sean Lovric comes to ION as a Geophysicist. He can be reached at 403-213-8785 or Sean.Lovric@iongeo.com.

They have joined the SPAN marine processing group, which includes the following members and their contact information:

Hesham El-Adawy is a Processing Geophysicist and an active SEG member with 25 years of world-wide processing experience. He can be reached at 403-213-8770 or Hesham.Eladawy@iongeo.com.

Nabil Ghaly is a Processing Geophysicist with a M.Sc. in Physics and an active SEG member with over 25 years of world-wide processing experience. He can be reached at 403-213-8774 or Nabil.Ghaly@iongeo.com.

Cristina Moldoveanu-Constantinescu is a Processing Geophysicist. She can be reached at 403-213-8769 or Cristina.Constantinescu@iongeo.com.

Tony Lau is a Processing Geophysicist with 20 years of processing experience. He can be reached at 403-213-8766 or Tony.Lau@iongeo.com.

Sandra Cordero is a Processing Geophysicist with over 5 years of processing experience. She can be reached at 403-213-8776 or Sandra.Cordero@iongeo.com.

Ashley Bender is a Processing Geophysicist with a B.Sc. in Geophysics and over 4 years experience. She can be reached at 403-213-8784 or Ashley.Bender@iongeo.com.


Absolute Imaging Inc. is pleased to announce two promotions. Elvis Floreani, P.Geoph, formerly Vice President Geophysics was promoted to President. Elvis’ immediate focus will be on leading the company through a period of record growth and global expansion. Des Maguire, Vice President, will continue to be responsible for day-to-day production processing of 2D and 3D projects and Gerry Schlosser, Vice President, will remain focused on hardware/software and infrastructure. Rob Tilson was recently promoted to Chief Geophysicist. Rob has over 25 years of industry experience in various capacities and will be working with both the technical and production teams to further enhance Absolute’s processing capabilities.


Roger Edgecombe (RPS BoydPetrosearch) and his wife, Lisa Morris, and I are happy to announce the arrival of our daughter, Isla Wren Edgecombe. Isla was born May 5th. Mom and baby are both doing well and Dad is adjusting to working with no sleep.

Ashley Bender and her Husband Tyrus would also like to announce the arrival of their first child, Eddie Rilan Bender on August 3rd 2011.



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