The summer that never was… That is how a newscaster referred to this summer. While the weather wasn’t great, there was a lot of activity in the seismic world. At least judging by the number of announcements I received for this issue. I haven’t had this many announcements in over a year. Thank you everyone!

How do I get these announcements? Well believe it or not, it is quite time consuming. Whenever I hear of someone with a new position, I contact them and see if they would like to appear in this column. Each person writes their own announcement, so that I am sure nothing is published that they don’t want published. Nothing is ever published without going through this process. I include the announcements in the column in the order that I receive them. Approximately 90% of the people I contact decide to put an announcement in. A lot of people help me along the way, by letting me know who has moved where etc. It is greatly appreciated.

If you have never volunteered for any CSEG committees in the past I urge you to do so. You won’t regret it. You have my word on that!


Kurt Wikel has moved from Talisman Energy to Petrobank Energy and Resources, where he will be working on subsurface Geophysics and Geomechanics. His new email is

Paul Anderson had traded in his toque and saying goodbye to the Great White North for the land of down under (Vegemite anyone?). Paul has accepted a position of Senior Staff Geophysicist with Apache Energy Ltd. in Perth, where he will be advising the region on prestack inversion and other interpretation technologies. Paul would like to thank the large number of people in Calgary he has worked with over the past 12+ years, both at Apache Canada (4+ years) and previously at Veritas GeoServices (8 years). His email address ( will remain unchanged.

RJ Vestrum has transferred to the University of Calgary to complete his third year in the Geophysics program. RJ is working on the executive of GUSS (Geophysics Undergraduate Students Society) and serving on the Junior Geophysicists Forum committee this fall.

Paul MacKay has joined Barron Energy as VP-Exploration. Barron Energy is a privately held junior E&P company focused on new developing resource plays in the Western Canadian Sedimentary Basin.

Doug Uffen, P. Geoph. wishes to let his friends and colleagues in industry know that he has left Canoro Resources and is now consulting to industry once again. Doug is available as a consulting geophysicist and offers a wealth of managerial expertise and strategic planning. Doug consults to industry through Reflection Peak Enterprises Limited and can be reached at 403-669-9238 or at reflectionpeak@

Todd Mojelsky – CGGVeritas: I’ve just been given the opportunity to take a job transfer overseas, and will be doing a walkabout to Perth, Australia very soon. My position there will be an interesting one: Sr. Technical Advisor -and- Software Support Liason. It’ll give me the chance to keep growing and learning, something I always look forward to. I’m pretty darned excited about the move, but I know already I’ll miss my all of friends and everyone I’ve met here. I’ve just realized that I’ve spent most of my adult life here in the great city of Calgary. I’m not going to mention the number of years, but, -wow... I can say that when I do get there, I plan on renting at least a two BR flat, and will be looking forward to any and all visitors. My email there will remain the same (, but I’ve no clue yet as to my new phone numbers (although they’ll start w/ 011 61 8 ...). I’ll email more details as soon as I’m actually situated down under, and for sure will want to hear what’s going on up here, and I’ll fill you in how I’m handling left-side driving and reverse Coriolis effects (and all that sun at the beach wink.

Scott Simms – Encana Corporation: It is with pleasure I announce my recent joining of Encana as a geophysicist in their New Graduate Program. Having recently graduated from the University of Calgary and worked a previous summer term at Encana, I am back full-time under the mentorship of Eric Keyser once again, working in the Canadian Deep Basin business unit.

Petrel Robertson is pleased to announce Ms. Kathleen Dorey as Chief Geophysicist. Ms Dorey has an outstanding reputation in the industry as a successful oil and gas explorer and has over 25 years experience in all facets of geophysical data acquisition and interpretation. She has mapped compressional and extensional structural plays in WCSB, Canadian East Coast, North Africa and Asia and has expertise in palinspastic restoration, recent seismic depth migration advancements and anisotropic imaging. She is also experienced at augmenting structural mapping with gravity and aeromagnetic data sets. Petrel Robertson is a global consulting firm in more than 40 nations and is Canada’s leading petroleum geoscience consultancy. You can contact Kathleen at: Petrel Robertson Consulting Ltd. Direct: 403-218- 1627 or

James Johnson is pleased to announce that he is now working as a geophysicist for Schlumberger’s reservoir seismic services group. His main responsibility with Schlumberger will be AVO inversion of seismic data. Most recently James was working towards an M.Sc. with Dr. Felix Herrmann at UBC. He will be defending his thesis, which deals with missing trace interpolation and multiple suppression later this fall. He may be reached at 403 509 4653 or

Kendall Rogers would like everyone to know that as of August 3rd, 2010 he has joined Key Seismic Solutions as a Senior Processing Geophysicist. Key Seismic has positioned itself as one of the leaders in seismic data processing and he looks forward to working with their staff & clients, many of whom he has worked with in the past. Please contact him directly at 403-290-5710 or via email

IHS Energy is pleased to announce that Armin Schafer has started as a PETRA Technical Sales Executive on June 28, 2010. He can be reached at 403-770-4664 or by email at

Katarina Rothe has joined Sheritt Oil. She can be reached at

Nathan Baker has joined the team at Crescent Point Energy. He’s very excited about this opportunity and can be contacted at

Chris Slind – CGGVeritas: I’ve relocated to Villahermosa, Mexico as an employee of CGGVeritas in our dedicated processing center for PEMEX. I will be managing a number of depth migration teams exploring in the Southern Gulf of Mexico. It should be a very interesting and challenging assignment. So far the weather is warm, the people very pleasant ,and the land very green and full of interesting wildlife( I can verify that cockroaches are excellent swimmers, and don’t mind chlorine pools. Amazing creatures). Mayan ruins , and beaches beckon for when I have a chance to take the family on an outing. I hope some of you keep in touch. I can be reached at

Carmen Dumitrescu is excited to announce her new position, Senior Staff Geophysicist with Husky Energy. She is part of the Heavy Oil and Gas Group and can be reached at or 403-513-7674. She would like to thank all her former clients and colleagues for her professional achievements while at Sensor Geophysical.

Steven Hill would like his friends and colleagues to know that he has taken the position of Senior Geophysical Technologist at Enerplus Resources, Canadian Oil Business Unit as of August 11, 2010. Steve can be reached at 403-298-2883 and email

Kristy Manchul has rejoined the seismic brokerage community! She has officially joined Jeff Kary, Darrel Jackson, Vic Urban, Fred Bushell and Debbie Baron as a Seismic Broker over at Target Data Ltd. Her new work coordinates are email ( and cellular (403.585.5204).



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