By the time you are reading this column Kelly and I will be in Orlando, Florida. It will be wonderful to get away from the snow and cold for a couple of weeks. So when you read this column you can think of us relaxing in Florida!

I have a great announcement this month from Susan Eaton. Due to space limitations we were not able to include full information on the expedition so I urge you to visit the websites mentioned for more information. And to read Susan’s blog while she is on her travels. I know I will be. It will give something to do while relaxing on the beach…


Randi Christiansen would like to announce that she has joined Suroco Energy Inc. You can reach Randi at rchristiansen@ or 403 232 6784.

Doug Colvin retired from Talisman Energy Inc. effective January 1, 2010 and has joined Statcom Ltd. as Marketing Advisor/Seismic Data Processor. Doug invites all his friends, colleagues and erstwhile companions in the geosciences to contact me at Statcom. Contact Numbers: phone 403-265- 4111, e-mail:

Jean Arseneault, P. Geoph., is pleased to announce that he has recently joined Oilsands Quest Inc as a Senior Geophysicist. His new work phone number and E mail address are 403-718-8959 and

Cecil Keeping, Norbert Bernoth and Stephen Biefer wish to announce that as a consequence of personal health considerations, Stephen is currently taking a phased retirement from Apoterra Seismic Processing Ltd. He is still closely involved with Apoterra but on a consultation basis. Stephen greatly appreciates the support that he has received from his many clients and friends in the industry and the understanding they have demonstrated at this time. He is also appreciative of the understanding and consideration shown by Cecil and Norbert in providing for this phased retirement.

Stephen can be reached for personal or business matters at his home number: 403-282-9845. Business matters may also be referred to Norbert at Apoterra: 403-261-0681.

Lisa Holmstrom has joined Murphy Oil as staff geophysicist. She can be reached at 403-294-8088 or lisa_holmstrom@


Susan Eaton Joins Historic Expedition to Antarctica and South Georgia, February 10 – March 2, 2010
Elysium Epic Visual Expedition to celebrate 100th anniversary of Sir Ernest Shackleton’s Imperial Trans-Antarctic Expedition

On February 10, 2010, a 57-member team of explorers from 18 countries will meet in Ushuaia, Argentina – the world’s southernmost city – to embark on a historic expedition to Antarctica. Convened by an Australian project director Michael AW of the Ocean Geographic Society, the team is comprised of some of the world’s most celebrated image-makers, historians, and scientists, including one CSEG member. Their mission is to scout, record, and analyse this pristine land of ice and snow, and to create a visual library of the impact of climate change on this remote region and fragile ecosystem.

Susan R. Eaton, a Calgary-based geologist, geophysicist, freelance writer and environmentalist, joins the expedition as part of the scientific crew, and is the sole Canadian participant. Recognized for her 20 years of environmental leadership in Canada, Eaton was selected as an Olympic Torch Relay Runner for the Vancouver 2010 Winter Games, “I’m extremely privileged to be able to participate in an expedition of such global importance, and to explore the last Frontier on the planet, a place of pristine wilderness and amazing biodiversity,” said Eaton, a CSEG member. “I look forward to working with this extraordinary group of experts, and I’m committed to making a lasting impact on research into global warming, a topic which is critical to Canadians and especially to those living in Canada’s rapidly changing Arctic regions.”

Eaton acknowledges the CSEG Foundation’s financial support of her participation in the expedition.” The CSEG Foundation shared my vision for participating in the Elysium Epic Visual Expedition.” According to Eaton, she intends to integrate the geology and geophysics of Antarctica into the Expedition and its deliverables, including the discussion on climate change.

Elysium Epic aims to be the world’s only expedition of its kind, and will be entirely carbon neutral. The project team is working with experts in climate change science to calculate the carbon footprint of the expedition and to offset by means of purchase of carbon credits or/and by investing in offset schemes that yield measurable results.

The expedition will produce a feature documentary, a limited edition high quality book and, most importantly, an index of images for a climate change documentation of the Antarctic Peninsula.

You can follow in Eaton’s footsteps, in Antarctica and South Georgia, by checking her blog at: or



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