November and the party season has started. I look forward to this time of year as it gives me an opportunity to catch up with people. I always have people tell me how much they enjoy reading this column. Thank you, I really appreciate it! And thanks to all the people that send in announcements. I couldn’t do it without you!


Geomodeling Technology Corp. is pleased to announce that Mr. Azer Mustaqeem has joined Geomodeling as the Product Manager for VisualVoxAt. Azer will be an important part of our team as we work to develop a product based on your industry requirements. Over the next few months Azer will be meeting with our user base to gain a better understanding of those requirements.

Azer has over 17 years of experience in both geology and geophysics. He has been active in the energy and high technology industry sectors in multiple countries since 1991. Most recently, he was the Senior Reservoir Geoscientist for Vigilant Exploration Inc. in Calgary, Alberta, and in 1997, Azer graduated from Stanford University with a Master of Science in Exploration and Development Geophysics.

“I am excited to work with this highly innovative team at Geomodeling to provide state-of-the-art solutions for exploration and production companies worldwide,” says Azer, “I believe that the future of interpretation lies in deriving meaningful geological information from seismic and that Geomodeling has the right platform to make this a reality.”

Azer brings great enthusiasm, commitment and experience to the role, and looks forward to speaking with as many of you as possible. Azer may be contacted at 403.698.8356 or at

Geomodeling Technology Corp. is the leading innovator in geoscience software for the oil and gas industry. Geomodeling enables petroleum companies to maximize revenue and reduce costs with software solutions for improved reservoir characterization and recovery. Founded in 1996, Geomodeling has offices and resource centers in Brazil, Canada, China, Malaysia, Mexico, Norway, United Kingdom, USA and Venezuela. Find us on the web at

Tom Borthwick would like to let his friends and colleagues know that he has relocated to Ho Chi Minh City in Vietnam for a 3-year term with Talisman Energy and will be working on one of the offshore blocks operated by the Thang Long Joint Operating Company. Tom can be reached at or

Ron Borsato joined Petroleum Geo-Services Electromagnetics (PGS EM) in August 2008 as a Geophysical Advisor. PGS EM acquires electromagnetic data to help companies lessen the risk of drilling by predicting hydrocarbons in their reservoirs. Data is acquired similar to seismic w h e re a source generates electricity into the earth and receivers record the time the current arrives. Hydrocarbons zones are resistive while water bearing zones are conductive. Processing deconvolves the sources signature with the recorded data to get the Earth impulse response. The resulting EM earth impulse response can predict if reservoirs have hydrocarbons and the EM data can be co-rendered with seismic structure and amplitude. This is a very Effective Hydrocarbon Indicator. Detailed feasibility modelling is done to understand geology and resistive nature of the rocks. Ron has over 25 years of geophysical experience, the majority of it as a seismic interpreter trying to predict facies and fluid. Ron can be reached at 403.444.5418 or via email at

Rob Holt has moved from WesternGeco to Shell Canada. He can be contacted at 403.691-4356 or

Craig Bateman has moved to Sherritt Oil to work in the New Ventures group. He can be reached at (w) 403-260-2998


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Bryce (Aguila Exporation) and Katie Davis welcomed their baby boy Cade Lawrence Davis on October 17th at 10:55 AM. He was 7 pounds 9 ounces and 21 inches long. Both mom and baby are happy and healthy!



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