Storm chasing. That is what we did earlier in September. And no, it wasn’t intentional. We went for a week vacation to Williamsburg, Virginia. We landed in Norfolk, Virginia just in time for Tropical Storm Hanna. Fortunately, it turned out to be nothing more than a rainstorm in Williamsburg. We had a great week and were supposed to fly home via Houston. Yes, I know, that is a very roundabout way to get back to Calgary, but that is the airlines for you! Needless to say the Houston airport wasn’t open due to Hurricane Ike, so we were forced to extend our holiday for a few days and take in Virginia Beach. We finally got home but my luggage didn’t! But with the devastation that others had to suffer from Hurricane Ike we considered ourselves to be blessed. Remind me never to complain about winter again!

I was also at the U of C career fair representing the CSEG. What a great crop of geophysicists are going to be graduating over the next couple of years. I was very impressed and they certainly have more on the ball then I did at that age! Just a reminder that students can join the CSEG at no charge, compliments of Talisman Energy. Get involved in the society; it will help your career.


Absolute Imaging Inc. is extremely pleased to announce that Kane Shannon, B.Sc. Geophysics has joined their expanding organization as a Processing Geophysicist. The company is excited to have Kane join in the rapid growth and prosperity of the business complimenting the existing strong team. Kane would like to let friends and colleagues know that he can be reached at or at (403) 806-6731.

GeoTir Inc. is very pleased to announce that Rob Oulton has joined our sales team. Rob brings several years of sales experience to GeoTir. Rob can be reached at 403-206-9339 or With Rob comes his very handsome sidekick Tim Caputo. Tim’s contact information is 403-206- 9340 or

Sandy Ulevog is very excited to announce her new employment status with GeoTir Inc. Sandy has joined GeoTir in the government approvals department. Sandy can be reached at 403-206-9337 or sandy@

Janet Porter-Chaudhry would like to announce that she has begun working as a Staff Geophysicist at Pan Orient Energy. She can be reached at

Nicole Willson is pleased to announce that she is now a member of the Software Support team at GEDCO. As a Software Specialist she will assist customers with the use of GEDCO’s two software packages, VISTA and Omni 3D. She will also develop help tutorials and manuals to assist users in the learning process. Nicole’s new email address and direct line are and 403 538 8988. Numerous people gave Nicole advice and helped her over the last couple of years. Thanks to everyone.

Susan R. Eaton has returned to Calgary, and to the oil and gas industry, after an amazing one-year-long sabbatical, during which time she traveled extensively, from the Maritimes to Haida Gwaii (the Queen Charlotte Islands), and, to the Galapagos Islands, aboard the National Geographic MV Polaris where she had the opportunity to snorkel twice daily with penguins, sea turtles, sea lions, sharks, and sting rays… it doesn’t get any better than that! In February 2008, high in the Andes, Susan witnessed the destruction of Ecuadorian villages wrought by Tungurahua, a volcano spewing ash miles into the air.

During the past year, Susan returned to Halifax, her hometown, where she assisted in the palliative care her father, David R. Eaton, who passed away in December 2007 at 79 years of age.

Her sabbatical projects included completing extensive renovations to her 1913 Inglewood cottage, and writing and publishing several freelance articles on energy related subjects, in New Technology Magazine, AAPG’s Explorer Magazine and Alberta Oil Magazine.

Susan’s looking forward to reconnecting with colleagues, friends and associates; she’s also seeking contract work as a consulting geologist and/or geophysicist (she’s a P. Geol. and P. Geoph.). Her technical and business expertise lies in managing oil and gas field operations (drilling and seismic), 2-D and 3-D seismic interpretation and play generation, and working with the investment community, conducting technical and business evaluations for M&A and A&D projects, both domestically and internationally.

Susan can be reached at (403)605-0159, and, by email, at

Arcis is pleased to announce the following recent additions to our team:

Katja Anketieva joined Arcis as Participation Surveys Manager. Katja holds a Masters Degree in Geophysics from Moscow State University and recently acquired an MBA from Erasmus University, Rotterdam. Katja joins Arcis with over 10 years of international experience in the field of Marine Seismic Operations, Data Processing and Account Management with Schlumberger. Katja is responsible for evaluating and ranking business development opportunities for participation surveys, including risk and reward analysis in the area of 3D seismic, as well as providing geotechnical support to help in maximizing the value of existing data. Katja can be reached at 403.781.1724 or

Candace Bruins joins the Arcis team in the role of Senior Depth Imager. She brings with her 10 years of processing and depth imaging experience and is looking forward to working with Arcis’ clients to help solve their imaging problems. Candace can be reached at 403.781.5871 or cbruins@

Darla Henderson recently joined Arcis in the role of Sales Associate in our Processing Division. She has over 10 years of successful sales and customer relations experience, and has most recently filled the role of Contract Administrator for a local start-up company. Darla can be reached at 403.781.1442 or

Marek Jelen recently joined Arcis in the role of QHSE Specialist / Field Operations. He has over 7 years of Health and Safety experience and has worked the last 3 years in the oil & gas industry as a safety advisor. Marek can be reached at 403.781.6230 or mjelen@

Craig Melton joined Arcis in September 2008 as a GIS Mapping Specialist. Craig brings with him over three years of experience in GIS Mapping and Seismic Approvals and has most recently been on staff at Complete Land Services Ltd. Craig holds a degree in Geography and Environmental Studies from Wilfrid Laurier University as well as a certificate in GIS Studies from SAIT. Craig looks forward to assisting Arcis’ clients with all their mapping needs. Craig can be reached at 403.781.6235 or

Pamela Rempel joined Arcis in June 2008 in the role of Sales & Marketing Administrator for the Seismic Data Processing Group. She has six years of administrative experience in a variety of settings and is looking forward to serving Arcis’ valued clients. Pamela can be reached at 403.781.1437 or

Divestco Processing is pleased to welcome Ashley Bender and Christian Sealy-Harrington to their processing team as junior processors. Ashley can be reached at 403-298-5667 or Christian can be reached at 403- 298-5687 or All of us at Divestco Processing wish them all the best in their new careers and we look forward to working with them.



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