I hope to see many of you at the CSEG/CSPG/CWLS convention this month. The convention is always a great networking opportunity with plenty of chances to catch up with your peers and make new acquaintances. I know firsthand the amount of work the volunteers do and it always made me feel great when someone took the time during the convention to say thank you. So please thank the volunteers! They will remember it and appreciate it. And remember, if you complain you should also volunteer to be on the committee next year.

North to Alaska! After the convention we are off to Alaska for a land tour and then cruising from Anchorage to Vancouver. I am sure it will be a trip of a lifetime.


Edge Technologies is pleased to welcome Naomi Storey to our team as a new account representative. Naomi is excited to be entering the seismic world having most recently been involved in the geologic service sector. Naomi can be reached at 770-0440 or naomi.storey@edge-tech.ca . We look forward to continuing our growth with Naomi.

Absolute Imaging Inc. is extremely pleased to announce that Rob Tilson, B.Sc. Geophysics has joined their organization as a Senior Processing Geophysicist. Rob would like to let friends and colleagues know that he can be reached at rob@absoluteimaging.ca or (403) 209-6855.

Joining Rob as a Senior Processing Geophysicist is Steven Foster, B.Sc. Geophysics. Steven can be reached by colleagues and friends at steven@absoluteimaging.ca or (403) 209-6856.

Absolute Imaging Inc. is excited to have both these respected and highly skilled individuals join in the rapid growth and prosperity of the business complimenting the existing strong team.

With the amalgamation of Canetic Resources Inc. and Penn West Energy Trust, Blayne Gardiner is now Chief Geophysicist for Penn West. His telephone contact remains the same at 539-6361. Email is blayne.gardiner@pennwest.com.

After 20 years building HCL National Inc., Tom Helgesen has decided to pursue other interests and investments. Dwayne Lee who has been in the oil and gas industry for over 25 years has personally invested in Tom’s shares. HCL National will continue to operate under Owen Helgesen ( President) along with his existing management and personnel. All of us at HCL wish Tom all the best as we welcome Dwayne to the HCL team.
Fairview Office: (780) 835-5858; Calgary Office: (403) 266-1335

Corey Hooge would like to announce that he has rejoined the working world as Senior Geophysicist at Buffalo Resources. Corey can be reached at chooge@buffaloresources.com or 718-6178.

Dr. Peter Manning joined the CREWES staff in February 2008 as a research geoscientist. Dr. Manning received his B.Sc. degree (Mathematics) from the University of British Columbia and his Ph.D. degree (Geophysics, 2007) from the University of Calgary. His professional career includes many years with Mobil Oil Corporation, mainly with Mobil Oil Canada in Calgary. There he worked in processing and acquisition design, but mostly with special projects coding solutions to analysis and interpretation of surface seismic data. His recent interests are in the realm of finite difference elastic wave modeling using an optimized scheme that results in faster and more accurate results. His work in this regard is embodied in his Ph.D. thesis (available online from the CREWES website). As a member of the CREWES staff, Dr. Manning will endeavor to produce software code implementing his Ph.D. ideas for general distribution to CREWES sponsors.

Giving Back...

Many people in our geophysical community give unselfishly of their time and resources in volunteer work outside the geophysical community. The RECORDER committee would like to give our members an opportunity to share their experiences and details of the charity that they support. I received the following information from Hank Geerlof and Hank and I decided to share it with the RECORDER readers – CS

It’s that time of year again. The Betty’s run for ALS is again coming up soon on June the eighth. I am planning to again walk (roll) the run this year for the fourth time. As you all know I have ALS and have had it for over five years. Betty’s run is held by the ALS society in order to raise awareness of and raise funds for ALS. The funds raised are split between research into the causes and cure for ALS and for equipment and support for people with ALS. The motto of the ALS society of Alberta is making every day the best possible day for people with ALS.

I am again looking for sponsors who would support the ALS society in this way. There are several ways that you can contribute to this. You can go to my web site http://www.als.ca/events/mysite.aspx?fid=1746 and make a donation online, or you can fill out the pledge form that I will be carrying with me from now until June the 8th. You can also participate in the walk or run and raise your own support money.

Last year people supported me for over $34,000. This included my employer, Murphy Oil Company, matching $15,000 of what I have collected. They will do this again this year. Therefore I’ve raised my goal to $40,000. I encourage you to help me reach this. Together we can make a difference.



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