I am at a loss for what to say this month! For those who know me, this will be quite a shock!

Please send me any announcements concerning new positions, promotions, transfers, retirements, births, marriages or anything else of interest to the geophysical community.


The correct cell phone number for Kelly Zamisski of Sourcex Geophysical Corporation is 828-3077.

On the move...

Steve Marshall recently began work in West Alberta for CNRL as a senior geophysicist. Steve’s phone number is 260-6093 with email steve.marshall@cnrl.com.

Jolene Goring is now at Apache Canada Ltd. as a Geophysicist. You can reach Jolene by phone at 303-1927 or email: Jolene.Goring@can.apachecorp.com.

Lindsey Brady has joined Thunder Energy Inc. He can be reached at 303-3496 or lindseyb@thunderenergy.com.

Janice Madill has surfaced back in the oil and gas world, although not in seismic. Janice is consulting as a Business Systems Analyst to the Information Systems and Services Group at Talisman Energy Inc. Her current project is in the Drilling, Completions and Facilities department. Janice is very happy to be back downtown after her stint in the Utilities’ business services world.

Divestco Inc. congratulates Tad Davies in his new position with Santos Geomatics. Both our clients and our team appreciate your contribution and will miss you. At the same time, we would like to assure our clients that the service will continue to be personal and meet your expectations. Bart Iverson, Manager of Survey Audit and Zubeda Ramji are available to directly to assist you. You can reach Bart at 770-0364 or bart.iverson@divestco.com and Zubeda at 537-9896 or zubeda.ramji@divestco.com. Good Luck Tad in your new opportunity!

Divestco Inc. is happy (but sad!) to announce that Carolyn Niemi will be on maternity leave as of the end of September. We wish Carolyn the best of luck as a new mum and look forward to having her back. In the mean time, we are happy to welcome two new sales personnel to attend to our evergrowing client base. Jessie Fletcher joins us after having returned from Australia. She is a Petroleum Land Management graduate from the U of C, and some of you may know Jessie from her years with Bonavista Petroleum in the land department. Sarah Turfrey joins us from CNC Global where she has spent the last 6 1/2 years both in Toronto and Calgary. Sarah’s focus at CNC Global was as Resource Manager specializing in business development and recruitment for the Information Technology industry. You contact either Jessie or Sarah at:

Jessie Fletcher
Account Manager

Sarah Turfrey
Account Manager

Arcis Corporation is pleased to announce that Thane McKay has joined our team as Manager, Processing Sales. Thane has 25 years of experience working in the geophysical processing industry. He comes to Arcis from Core Lab Reservoir Technologies Division (now Paradigm) where he was the Manager of Sales and Marketing. Arcis Corporation offers the energy industry a unique, integrated complement of seismic services including, data processing, participation surveys, data marketing, geotechnical services and access to an extensive data library. Thane can be reached at (403) 781- 5868 or by email at tmckay@arcis.com.

Sam Christie is very happy to announce that he is now employed at Apache Canada as a geophysicist and would like to inform all the individuals he harassed while unemployed: “Thanks for your help, you’ve made my job search short and sweet.”

Veritas DGC is pleased to announce that Mr. Fernando Aguilar has been appointed General Manager – NASA Processing, Canada & Latin America, based in Veritas’ downtown Calgary center. Fernando replaces Ken Tubman who has transferred to Houston to head Veritas Exploration Services, the company’s data interpretation and reservoir analysis division.

Fernando comes to Veritas with 22 years of experience at Schlumberger, where he held a variety of upper management positions including Vice President from 1995 to 2003. He worked in several different divisions of Schlumberger including Realtime Oil Field in Paris and London, Oilfield Services, Resource Management Services and Test & Transactions in Mexico, and as Vice President and General Manager for Wireline & Testing in the Middle East.

Fernando has a B.Sc. degree in Civil Engineering and an Masters Degree in Hydraulic Resources Management from Universidad de Lis Andes in Bogota, Colombia. He also completed the Stanford Executive Program at Stanford University in 2003.

Nanna Eliuk, formerly with Hunt Oil, joined Compton Petroleum as a Senior Geophysicist on September 7, 2004. She can be reached at (403)205-5836 or e-mail neliuk@comtonpetroleum.com.

Calvin Wall, formerly with Shell Canada Ltd., joined Talisman Energy Inc. in early September. You can reach Calvin by phone at 237-1580 or email: cwall@talismanenergy.com.

A New Company…

Morgan Steeves and George Fraser have formed DigitalWorld Mapping Inc. as a LiDAR Services Company. The DigitalWorld team has 25 years of LiDAR experience and over 100 years background in and around the “Doodlebug” business. Producing the highest quality deliverables at very competitive pricing is our mission. The “ever-evolving” website is www.lidarus.com, telephone 264-7550 fax 264-8481.

New Degrees…

Alexandru Vant has been awarded the Master of Science in Geophysics degree from the University of Calgary. Alexander successfully defended his thesis “Studies of multicomponent seismic polarity and amplitude”. You can view the abstract at www.crewes.org.

Jeffrey Beckett (Anadarko Canada) has received a Masters of Science in Geophysics degree from the University of Calgary. Jeffrey successfully defended his thesis “Seismic imaging using matched filters for operator weighting”. You can view the abstract at www.crewes.org.



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