I have been struggling for the last few weeks on how to address a sensitive issue. Being in sales myself, I have not been sure what to do! So here goes, and remember, do not kill the messenger.

Some people that have placed announcements in this column have received numerous unsolicited sales calls. They have called me to complain about what they regard as a “cheesy” and lazy way to do sales that is also ineffective because it annoys them. If this column is used for sales prospecting, people will become hesitant to place an announcement. I would hate to see that happen. So may I suggest a “rule of thumb”? If you don’t know the person, don’t call them. Or at least wait a couple of weeks! Please don’t ruin it for the rest of the geophysical community.

On the move...

BlueGrouse Seismic Solutions Ltd. is pleased to announce that Pat Stier has joined our marketing team. Pat brings 20 years of experience from the geophysical brokerage industry. Please contact Pat at (403) 264-4224, cell phone 540-1845 or email pat@bluegrouse.ca.

Darrel Jackson is pleased to announce that he has joined Geotrace Technologies, a processing and reservoir services company, and has opened a Calgary office for Geotrace. Darrel can be reached at 403-538-2110 or by email at djackson@geotrace.com.

John Behr has joined Dominion Exploration Canada Ltd. as a Senior Geophysicist. You can reach John at John_M_Behr@dom.com or 508-2486.

Richard Kellett has joined Pioneer Natural Resources Canada Inc. as a geophysicist in the exploration group. He has accepted a full position after consulting with Pioneer for the last 8 months on a range of non-seismic and seismic projects in northwest Alberta.

Thane McKay advises that he is no longer with Paradigm Geophysical (formerly Core Lab Reservoir Technologies Division) and would like to let all friends and colleagues know he can be contacted by phone at (403) 938-5550 or (403) 620-2238 and by e-mail at thanem@telusplanet.net.

Andrew Stiles has joined Outsource Seismic Consultants as a Geomatics Technician. You can reach Andrew at 777-4141 or astiles@osseismic.com.

Wayne Hauck formerly of Murphy Oil, wishes to let his colleagues and friends know that he has established WDH Exploration Consultants Ltd. as a Foothills/Devonian Specialist. He can be reached at 801-1834, 286-8829 or wdhauck@shaw.ca.

John Boyd is please to announce that Boyd PetroSearch has hired Lindsay Godkin as an Approval Technician. Lindsay can be reached at 543-5368 or lindsayg@boydpetro.com.

Marc Charest joined EnCana Corporation as a Geologist for the Brooks South Sub-business Unit in June 2004. Marc is exploring for Cretaceous gas in that region, and can be reached at 645-4757 or by e-mail at marc.charest@encana.com.

Vince Rodych joined Input/Output, Inc. earlier this year as I/O’s Regional Manager, Canada. Vince is co-located with GX Technology Canada at their offices in the Shell Centre (GXT joined I/O in June of this year). Vince can be reached at 213- 8769 or vince.rodych@i-o.com.

Gordon Dyck would like to let his friends, clients and colleagues know that he has joined Matrix Geoservices Ltd., a full service geophysical data processing center, providing 2D, 3D and 3C processing services. Gordon will be taking on the Marketing and Sales for Matrix and can be reached at 750- 7243 (direct), 703-0707 (cell) or by email at gord@matrixgeo.com.

Bev Hill, Geophysical Technologist (yip she is STILL around) has moved her “assets” along with a large purchased portion of Murphy Oil data to Pengrowth Corporation’s Earth Sciences group. She can be reached at 508-3582 bevh@pengrowth.com.

Satinder Chopra would like to inform his friends and colleagues that he is no longer with Paradigm Geophysical and would be exploring new opportunities. He can be reached at (403)605-0118, or email amrita@shaw.ca.

CREWES (The Consortium for Research in Elastic Wave Exploration Seismology) faculty member Dr. Larry Bentley has been appointed Assistant Dean in the Faculty of Science at the University of Calgary. His particular area of responsibility will be for research in the fields of Energy and Environment. As a part time appointment, this will allow Dr. Bentley to bring his extensive background to facilitate energy research at the university, while maintaining his current research. You can reach Larry at lbentley@ucalgary.ca.

Melissa Burdan is glad to announce that she has joined CNRL as the 3D visualization geophysicist. For those of you with a 3D survey working at CNRL and for my friends, you can contact me at 716-6647 or Melissa.Burdan@cnrl.com. Have a fabulous day!

Randall Chodzicki every one to know that he now works at CNRL. He can be reached at 232-4027 or randall.chodzicki@cnrl.com.

Doug Bartsch, formerly with Nexen Inc., joined Kensington Energy Ltd. in mid July. You can reach Doug by phone at 517- 8620 or email: dbartsch@kensingtonenergy.com.

Linda Ramescu formerly of EnCana Corporation, is pleased to announce the formation of her new company, Sherlock Seismic Data Management Services.

She is currently providing data management services to Nexen Inc. Linda can be reached at 699-4175 (Nexen), 284- 9424 or ramescu@telusplanet.net.

Pat Kong is now at Burlington Resources Canada as a Senior Processing Geophysicist. He would like to inform all past colleagues, friends & peers that he can be reached at 403-260 1696, cell 403 828 0457 & email, pkong@br-inc.ca.

Marian Hanna is pleased to announce that she escaped the heat in Houston and has joined Nexen's International Team as a Consulting Geophysicist here in Calgary and loving it. Marian can be reached at marian_hanna@nexeninc.com or at 699-4361.

Tim Pontin, P.Geoph continues consulting on both domestic and international projects. He is presently at Petro-Canada working northern frontier projects. He can be contacted at tc.pontin@shaw.ca or cell 312-8858.

Tom Galeski would like his friends and colleagues to know that he has joined the exploration team at British Gas. Tom can be reached at 538-7439 or Tom.Galeski@bg-canada.com.

Mel Marshall has joined Canadian Superior Energy Inc. as Vice President-Exploration. Mel can be reached at 503-7958 or by email at mmarshall@cansup.com.

Bob Mummery has become Vice President Exploration and one of the founders of Golden Eagle Energy, a start-up petroleum exploration company based in Calgary. The initial corporate focus is mainly on by-pass pay opportunities and multi-zone prospects along Paleozoic subcrop trends in Alberta W5. Bob can be reached at (403) 296-0795 ext 223 or bob.mummery@goldeneagle.ca.

Myron Achtemichuk and Cam Schmidt have joined a new startup oil and gas company, Citadel Resources Inc. You can reach Myron and Cam at 263-0727 or myron.achtemichuk@citadelresources.ca and cam.schmidt@citadelresources.ca.

Geomodeling Technology Corp. would like announce the following signings to their winning team. First round draft picks Elissa Lynn and Marc Rajotte were inked in as our new Technical Support Specialists. Unrestricted free agent Gord Lowe with 22 years in the league, was signed for a case of beer and an undisclosed number of pucks. Should you want to see them in action or simply require an autograph they can be reached at 262-9172.

New Degrees…

Ian Watson graduated from the University of Calgary in June 2004 with a Master of Science degree in Geology and Geophysics (Specialization: Reservoir Characterization). After 8 years with Imperial Oil Resources in Calgary Ian has been seconded to the Hibernia Management and Development Company (HMDC). Ian has accepted a position as a Sr. Geophysicist and has relocated to St. John’s, Newfoundland for the next two to three years. You can reach Ian at (709) 778-7513 or ian.a.watson@esso.ca.

Andrew Royle of Geo-X Systems, graduated from the University of Calgary in June 2004 with a Master of Science degree in Geology and Geophysics. Andrew successfully defended his thesis “The Differentiation Mapping of Oil Gravity Using Amplitude Variation with Offset, Hebron Ben Nevis Field, Offshore Newfoundland, Canada.” You can reach Andrew at 298-5626 or aroyle@geo-x.com.

Osareni Christopher Ogiesoba has successfully defended his thesis “Prestack Vp/Vs scanning and automatic PS-to-PP time mapping using multicomponent seismic data”. Chris has been awarded the Master of Science in Geophysics from the University of Calgary. You can reach Chris at oogiesob@ucalgary.ca. A copy of the abstract is available in the CREWES News at www.crewes.org.

Linping Dong has been awarded the Master of Science in Geophysics from the University of Calgary. Linping successfully defended his thesis “Nonstationarey wavelet simulation and estimation.” You can reach Linping at dongl@ucalgary.ca. You can view the abstract in the CREWES News at www.crewes.org.

Thank You

Anthony Graup of Purcell Energy has sent in the following thank you.

You helped me raise $10,500 for the Multiple Sclerosis Society!

Once again, because of your generosity, I was able to raise an outstanding amount of money for the 2004 Multiple Sclerosis Bike Tour that was held June 12 and June 13. Unfortunately, the weather this year was not conducive to cycling. In fact it was down right horrible. Saturday had gale force head winds out of the north for almost the entire 100 km to Olds. The only time I had a tail wind was when I turned my head to see if anyone was coming up behind me. Sunday morning I awoke to rain and dense fog. The fog cleared about 40 km out of Olds on the way back to Airdrie. The rain finally stopped and the sun came out when I was about 20 minutes from Airdrie.

There are several people that always joke and say that I have to earn their donations. Well, this year I can honestly say that I did. Knowing that people are helping me raise so much money makes it all worthwhile and can keep a person going no matter what the conditions.

The Stork has Visited…

Lisa Eastman (Geo Tir Inc.) and Curtis Kramchynski (Strategem Energy Corporation) are the proud parents of a little girl, Andie Lauren Kramchynski on May 15th. She was 7lb, 5oz and was 19-1/2” long. Everyone’s doing well and Dad is really good at changing diapers!



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