If you have dropped of sight, been enjoying retirement, or have returned from overseas, drop me a line. I have received a lot of positive feedback on the portion of this column titled, "Whatever happened to... ", so let us know what has happened to you!

April is here and the CSEG 2004 National Convention is fast approaching. I would like to remind you that the convention will be held at the Telus Convention Centre, May 10 to May 13, 2004. The deadline for early bird registration is April 2, 2004. I hope to meet many of you in person at this year's convention.

Announcements are free of charge, so send in anything that you feel may be of interest to the geophysical community.


I would like to extend my sincerest apologies to Shannon Peters. Shannon submitted an announcement in December and I goofed and forgot to include it. I beg forgiveness!

Shannon Peters has joined Seismic Brokerage Services Ltd. You can reach Shannon at 262-4520 or shannon@seismicbrokerage.com.

New job announcements...

Niclas Christoffersson has joined Advantage Energy Income Fund as a Senior Geophysicist. You can reach Niclas at christoffersson@advantageincome.com or 781-2381.

BlueGrouse Seismic Solutions is pleased to announce that Darrel Jackson has joined the team in the capacity of geophysical broker. Darrel invites all his friends and customers to contact him at his new office at (403) 264-4224 or by e-mail at darrel@bluegrouse.ca.

Mike Corrigan has teamed up with 5 former co-workers from Canadian Hunter Expl. Ltd. to form Livingston Energy Ltd. Mike will continue as a geophysical consultant to the new company; and elsewhere. And yes, Mike will still be found guiding fisherman on the Elk River (in Fernie) during the summers. If you would like to contact Mike about either venture, he can be reached at 313-1841 or mcorrigan@livingstonenergy.com.

Brad Assen would like to let his friends and colleagues know he is back in the industry and has joined Indel-Davis Inc. in the sales department. Brad has 18 years of industry experience including positions with Sefel Geophysical, Exssel and Arcis Processing. Brad can be reached at 252-7707 or email bassen@indeldavis.ca.

Bruce Duncan would like to announce that he has joined the exploration team at Blue Mountain Energy Ltd. as the senior geophysicist. He is excited to join a dynamic group of explorationists. He can be reached at 298-3552 or e-mail bduncan@bme.ca.

Lyle Cedergren would like to announce that he has joined Bow Valley Energy, effective January 19, 2004. Lyle can be reached at 298-5784. E-mail lcedergren@bvenergy.com.

Jim White has been appointed as the new President of Trace Energy Services Ltd. In this position he will be responsible for the worldwide operations of Trace. Jim joins Trace Energy Services after some 25 years experience in the seismic services markets, starting on field crews as a summer student, and progressing through various levels of exposure and experience including data acquisition, data processing, to spec and multi-client libraries. Most recently Jim was Vice President of WesternGeco, North and South America Operations, including land and marine acquisition, data processing, multi-client, R&D, marketing and QHSE. Jim has a Bachelor of Science degree in Geosciences from Penn State University, and is a member of several industry associations.

Jim wiII be joining Trace Energy Services on February 1st, 2004, and will be establishing an office for Trace in Houston.

Arcis Corporation is pleased to announce that Nadine Fischer and Matt Earle have joined the Arcis team. Nadine is a senior addition to the seismic data processing team with over 20 years of processing experience with both 2D and 3D. Matt brings enthusiasm, energy and processing experience to his new role with the sales team, and will specialize in seismic data processing sales. Nadine can be reached at (403) 781-1709 or nfischer@arcis.com. Matt can be reached at (403) 781-1704 or mearle@arcis.com.

There is a new data consultant that has joined Geo-Search Data, Theresa Kim. Theresa comes from a business background, accounting and banking as well as marketing and the hospitality industry. She loves to sketch, exercise and cook. You can reach her at Geo-Search Data at 237-0885 or tkim@geosearch.com.

Gregg Elliot has joined Stylus Exploration as VP Exploration. He can be contacted at gelliot@stylusexpl.ab.ca or 517-8759.

Avie Hutchinson has joined Talisman Energy and can be reached at 237-1248 or AHutchinson@talisman-energy.com.

Tricon Geophysics Canada is pleased to announce that they have hired Derrick McClure BSc. (Hons) Geology as Center Manager, for their Calgary office.

Derrick brings with him 15 years of experience in seismic data processing with a broad range of practical experience of various land and marine data types, both domestic and international. Derrick also brings his extensive sales and management experience. At Tricon Derrick will be responsible for the growth of the companies Canadian operations, focusing on Tricon 's commitment to providing innovative technical solutions to our customers. Derrick can be reached at (403) 265-4050, cell (403) 667-1674, or email mcclure@tricongeophysics.com.

Morris Diminutto has recently joined Flowing Energy as Manager of Geophysics. He will be responsible for all aspects of geophysics at Flowing. Morris has numerous years of experience at a variety of companies in Western Canada and Australia.

Bernie DeLorme has joined the team of Brokerage Professionals at Intercontinental Seismic Surveys. Bernie brings to Intercontinental over 20 years of sales and management experience within the oil and gas industry. Bernie can be reached at 403-233-8262, cell 560-6529 or email bdelorme@intercontinentalseismic.com.

Fugro-jason Canada welcomes Dr. Miles Leggett and Dr. Marina Feroci to its staff. Miles is a six-year veteran of Jason, having served in England and the Middle East. His specialties include Seismic Inversion and Geostatistics . Marina comes to Jason after three years with Chevron in San Ramone, California. While there, she specialized in AVO analysis. We all look forward to helping our clients achieve their exploration goals.

Douglas Uffen has joined Petrel Robertson Consulting Ltd. as the Manager of Geophysics, effective February 1st, 2004. Doug will be heading up the expansion of the geophysical consultancy at Petrel Robertson. You can reach Doug at 218-1627 or by email duffen@petrelrob.com.

Whatever happened to...

The following announcement was received from Norman Pullin. Being retired to Comox, BC, from the "Patch", for a few years now my work consists of gardening, tennis, golf and sailing. For any of my C.S.E.G. friends who may be interested in sailing on our beautiful west coast, I "Skipper Charter" my new fully appointed Hunter 386 by the day or week. Anyone that is interested can contact me for rates and reservations at (250) 890-0492 or by email at mnpull1@shaw.ca.

Perry Kotkas went fishing last spring, is enjoying life in Calgary & Invermere. Perry is enjoying retirement, exercising, golfing and his normal overwhelming volunteer load. Advises sleeping 'til 8:00 is great, and avoiding Karen's chores is keeping him "sharp". Perry can be reached at 239.7847 or p.kkotkas@shaw.ca. Perry is doing a bit of consulting, "but only the really fun stuff'. Says "remember the Code of the Doddlebugger" ...

Jim Brown (Professor of Geophysics at the University of Calgary) has taken a leave-of-absence from the U of C and joined GeoGrids AS in Stavanger, Norway. Jim is working with Jazz Rathore at GeoGrids, a company offering a variety of geophysical data enhancement services, notably merging and balancing of vintage seismic data, merging of interpretation maps, cleaning velocity fields and generating velocity cubes, as well as time-depth conversion. Jim and Jazz intend to open a Calgary office in a few months and are looking forward to this year's CSEG Convention, where GeoGrids is going to be an exhibitor. Jim can be contacted at either rjb@geogrids.no or at rjbrown@ucalgary.ca.

TIm Lakevold is back from the working as geophysics manager in the C.I.S., and after sufficiently torturing the Russian language is looking for an opportunity to work back on Canadian soil. His e-mail is timlake@telus.net and phone is 209-1721.

Retirement announcement...

After 29 years with Veritas, Tom Grudecki, President, Veritas GeoServices, retired from the company on January 6, 2004.

A native Albertan, Tom studied electronics technology at the Southern Institute of Technology (SAIT). Following his graduation from SAIT in 1969, Tom went to work for Digitech in their computer center, and shortly thereafter transferred to their Australian office. While in Australia, Tom met and married his wife, Karel. In 1972, Tom returned to Calgary and three years later joined Veritas, over seeing company operations. '

"Tom was the hardware guru in our early years and not only did he keep us on the leading edge with equipment, he was an important player in achieving the current status of the Calgary processing center," says Veritas Chairman and CEO Dave Robson. "Tom is solely responsible for processing centers outside Canada. He can be justifiably proud of our South American Centers."

Congratulations Tom.



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