By the time this column is published it will be October. We will all be hard at work, enjoying the fall weather and waiting for winter. Soon it will be time to write about Christmas parties.

Thank you to everyone that submitted announcements this month. And a special thanks to the unofficial “roving reporters” that help keep me up to date on what is going on in the geophysical world.

Congratulations to everyone that has started a new position lately. I wish you every future success.

Quantum Seismic Services is relocating to new facilities, located at 600, 839-5th Ave. SW. Friends and Colleagues can now contact Paul Hebert, Lynne Wortman, John Williams and Meenaz Rajan at 265-4050.

Quantum is looking forward to continuing existing and forming new relationships with enhanced seismic data processing service capabilities.

Tricon Geophysics Inc., headquartered in Denver, Colorado, with offices in Houston and Denver, is pleased to announce the opening of a Calgary subsidiary, Tricon Geophysics Canada ULC.

Tricon offers seismic processing and reservoir description services to the oil and gas community. For more information please contact Mr. Azer Mustaqeem, Project Geophysicist, at 600, 839-5th Ave. SW; 265-4050.

Arcis Corporation is pleased to announce that Randy Brehm, B.Sc. Geophysics, has joined Arcis’ Processing Group as a Seismic Data Processor. Randy has over 13 years of experience in seismic data processing and field quality control, both domestically and internationally. Arcis Corporation offers a unique complement of seismic services, including participation surveys, project management, data processing, data marketing, and access to an extensive data library. Randy can be reached at 403-298-4794 or by email at

Charles Welsh would like friends and colleagues to know that he has joined Wiser Oil Company of Canada as their Chief Geophysicist. You can reach Charles at 260-1518 or email:

Kevin Mullie would like to announce that he has left ConocoPhillips Canada for Bonavista Energy. He can be reached at 213-4310 or

Pulse Data Inc. is pleased to announce that they have hired Mr. Deryl Williams as President, Trango Technologies Inc., a wholly-owned subsidiary of Pulse.

Deryl brings over 20 years experience in the technology and telecommunications industry with a focus on leadership, marketing and sales. He has a proven track record of successfully building strong teams that significantly improved revenues and earning through the development of new markets, products and partnerships on a national and international level.

Deryl’s phone # is 240-7892 and e-mail:

Lynx Information Systems is pleased to announce that Dr. Wasim Paracha has joined the team as Chief Geoscientist. Wasim received his Doctorate in Geophysics from the University of Stockholm and has authored 7 books and two dozen articles. Wasim has 18 years experience with a variety of companies in basin analysis, new play development, and prospect generation from the Himalayas to the North Sea. Wasim will be lending his expertise to Lynx for a study of the Canadian Arctic. Wasim can be reached at 269-7255 or email

Greg Groten would like everyone to know that he has joined Gentry Resources Ltd. Greg can be reached at 781-7110 and email

Edge Technologies Inc. is pleased to announce that David Mulligan has joined the company in the position of Senior Processor. David can be reached at 403-770-0440 or

After 3 years with BP Canada Energy, Amber Robinson has moved to CNRL. She is working in North East Alberta.

Surveyza Consulting Ltd. has opened an office and classroom in the Grain Exchange building (815 1st St SW). Surveyza specializes in survey-related education, information and analysis for the Oil & Gas exploration industry. For information on courses offered visit or call Sean at 819-4190.

Case Caulfield would like to announce that he has joined True Energy. Case can be reached at 750-1274 or email

Lindsay Hedquist would like everyone to know that she has joined Intercontinental Seismic Surveys Ltd. Lindsay is looking forward to working for a company who has such high business standards and goals for the future. Lindsay’s 1st priority is data management , but anticipates new learning experiences in all aspects of the business. You can reach Lindsay at 233-8262 and email

The Third Annual Women in Seismic golf tournament was held August 21st at Lakeside Greens under bright sunny skies. There were 103 ladies and two men (brave souls) and the tournament earned the dubious distinction of playing the longest round in Lakeside tournament history!!!! It was a great time and thank you to all the organizers. If you are interested in the fourth annual Women in Seismic tournament give Sandy Ulevog a call at Arcis. Her number 781-1711 and her email is A special to all the companies that sponsored this event.



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