Here are the most recent changes in the industry. Please send me any announcements throughout the summer for the next Recorder publication in September. Have a great summer... with no exotic holiday planned, I'll be in the office the whole time waiting for your news!

KPS Group (Canada) Ltd. is pleased to announce Shawn Payne has joined us as General Manager. Shawn can be reached at (403) 303-2618 and email

Michelle Fillion has also joined KPS Group (Canada) Ltd. as Sales & Marketing Manager. Michelle can be reached at (403) 3032616 and email

Bernice Ramsden-Wood has joined Global Datafind Services Inc. as a consultant. Bernice can be reached at 807-6407 or email

Duncan Goodwin has joined Global Datafind Services Inc. as the Director of Product Architecture. Duncan can be reached at 850-1598 or email

Adile Abbadi has joined Global Datafind Services Inc. as the Director of Strategic Solutions. Adile can be reached at 630-8901 or email:

Andrew Wiacek recently moved from Ketch Energy to take the position of Manager, Geophysics at Crossfield Gas Corporation. He can be reached at 517-3713, cell: 874-9692 and email

Boyd PetroSearch is pleased to announce that geophysicist Andy Marshall has joined our Interpretation department. Andy comes to us from Fugro Airborne Surveys in Ontario. Andy can be reached at (403) 543-5369 or bye-mail



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