Hello all, hope the world of geophysics is treating you well these days. Just a reminder to please submit your announcements by the first week of each month for publishing in the following month's ITI. My bosses (i.e. Satinder and Oliver) are happy when I am early.

Randy Cameron, formally from BP, has joined the Veritas data processing center. He can now be reached at (403) 205-6288, or via e-mail Randy_Cameron@Veritasdgc.com.

Kelman Technologies Inc. (KTI) is pleased to announce that Dave Levesque has joined the seismic processing division as a senior processor. Dave has over 17 years of industry experience with the last 4 years at his own processing company. Prior to that, Dave was responsible for starting up a processing center in Houston for a major geophysical company. Dave can be reached at (403) 294-7566, and his email is dave.levesque@kelman.com.

KTI is also pleased to announce that Joe Minten has joined the seismic processing division as a processing supervisor. Joe has over 22 years of experience in the industry, most of which has been as a supervisor or manager with major seismic processing firms. Joe also consulted to Mobil Oil Canada during the late 1980's and early 1990's. Joe can be reached at (403)294-5266 or on his cell at (403) 860-1854 or bye-mail at jminten@kelman.com.

Brett Kondruk would like friends and colleagues to know that he is now the President of Global Datafind Services Inc. He can be reached at (403) 802-2033, and email bkondruk@findoil.ca.

Finn Pedersen is now with Global Datafind Services Inc. as the Chief Technology Officer and Vice President. Finn can be reached at (403)802-2044, and e-mail fpedersen@findoiI.ca.

Dave Curwen has joined Global Datafind Services Inc. as Senior Management Consultant. He can be reached at (403) 873-1733, and e-mail dcurwen@findoil.ca.

Carmen Swalwell has joined Global Datafind Services Inc. as their Sales Manager. She can be reached at (403) 802-2030, and email cswalwell@findoil.ca.

Bernice Ramsden-Wood has joined Global Datafind Services Inc. as an Associate. Bernice can be reached at (403) 807-6407, and email bramsdenwood@findoil.ca.



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